Villarreal CF | LaLiga | This is how the places for European competition are distributed via LaLiga

Villarreal CF’s classification is complicated after the defeat against Levante and the victories of Betis and Real Sociedad; the seventh place, in principle, does not give a ticket to any European tournament for the next season

The Villarreal CF it has become very complicated qualification for Europe after conceding an unexpected defeat against the Raise UDby 2-0in the last match of the regularity championship. The stumble of him and the triumphs from Real Betis and Real society respectively, they make the fight for European places clear up a bit, although not definitively, in a tournament that is experiencing a fierce and very close fight as it has not been seen for a long time.

With eight games to go, that is, with only 24 points at stake, Real Betis is fifth with 53 points, Real Sociedad is sixth with 51, while Villarreal CF is seventh with 45 points. With eight and six points behind, therefore, the margin of error for the Castellón team is completely nil.

The team that trains Unai Emery It is now very difficult to qualify for European competition via The league and only a series of results in his favor could give him a ticket to travel around the Old Continent in the next football season. Next we are going to clarify how they are distributed, via The leaguethe positions for the different European competitions.

The fifth goes to the UEFA Europa League and the sixth to the UEFA Conference League; the seventh classified remains, from the beginning, without a European ticket

Initially, via The league participation is only assured in the next UEFA Europa League staying in the fifth position of the classification. The sixth qualifies for the UEFA Conference Leaguethird European competition, and, finally, start, the seventh has no right to participate in European competition. The other place is reserved for the champion of the Copa del Reywhich has ticket insured to play the UEFA Europa League.

The Copa del Rey final can modify the allocation of European places

the end of Copa del Rey that they will dispute Real Betis and Valencia CF You can change the allocation of European seats via The league. Everything will depend if the winner is the Betiswell if he Valencia he wins the cup tournament, and since it is unlikely that he will finish in the top six, what was initially planned and explained above would be maintained.

In case you win the Real Betis the Copa del Rey everything can change if the current positions are maintained at the end of The league. Given that Real Betis and Real Sociedad, fifth and sixth failing that, they would go to UEFA Europa League and there yes, the Villarreal CF would have a prize with a hypothetical seventh place that would give access to the UEFA Conference League.

The seventh place is complicated for Villarreal CF and the qualification via the Champions League

Alabama Villarreal CF It has been complicated for him until seventh place since a thriving Athletic Club it has been placed to only one point of him. The other option for the Villarreal CF qualify for Europeoutside of The leaguewould be to win the UEFA Champions Leaguewhich would once again guarantee him a place in the top continental competition. Something that seems unlikely.

The first four, to the UEFA Champions League

Real Betis and Real society are four and six points, respectively, from fourth place, which is the Sevilla F.C.. Both do not give up anything, since the Sevilla team is not in a good moment, but right now they have a disadvantage that is difficult to recover. The top four places The league they make sure to play the next edition of the UEFA Champions League.