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Women’s Atlético Nacional tied 2-2 with Orsomarso, for date 11 in the 2022 Women’s League. The purslane were brave, they attacked with volume and despite goals from Ana Fisgativa and Kelly Quiceno, they could not beat the Valle del Cauca team, who scored against through Karen Urrutia and Olga Patricia Riascos.

Under an inclement sun at the Atanasio Girardot stadium, Atlético Nacional came out with all its offensive power in search of victory against Orsomarso. In the first minute of the game, Estefanía González disturbed Lissa Cardozo’s goal, who managed to save the ball without problems.

At minute 5, Kelly Quiceno from mid-range surprised the visiting team again. But again Cardozo was attentive to the shot and managed to contain the ball. About minute 8, Lina Martínez made a powerful shot that she hit the crossbar.

The monologue of the locals continued in the match, at minute 15, Daniela Tamayo had another shot, but the ball passed very close to the opposite goal. Orsomarso recovered the ball, but could not approach the nationalist goal, at minute 38, again Estefanía González appeared at the visitor’s door with a cross shot that was stopped by goalkeeper Cardozo. At 44, Quiceno from a free kick, sent the ball very close to the Valle del Cauca goal.

Despite Nacional’s insistence, it was Orsomarso who took the lead, one minute after time had elapsed, through Karen Urrutia, who managed to break the local defense that hadn’t had many leaks throughout the match.

However, the match went into the break with a tie on the scoreboard, thanks to Ana Fisgativa, who, with a header, had the key to decipher the padlock that the goalkeeper Cardozo had put on her, who until that moment was the figure of the match. .

In the complementary stage, the purslane came out at speed. At minute 4, Mariana Muñoz finished off and the ball went wide of the visiting goal. At minute 9, Katerine Osorio entered for Valeria Tangarife. About the 13th minute, Lina Martínez fell inside the area, sanctioning a penalty in favor of the locals. A minute later, Kelly Quiceno grabbed a rebound after the penalty to go ahead on the scoreboard for Nacional.

At minute 19, Orsomarso tied the score through Olga Patricia Riascos, with a powerful shot around the area. A minute later, Daniela Tamayo finished off, but again the goalkeeper Cardozo managed to contain the ball that was bound for the net. About minute 23, Nacional made another change; Mariana Sastoque entered instead of Estefanía González.

The following minutes were intense and focused play in the center of the field. Nacional tried to get closer, but it was not effective, while Orsomarso was comfortable with the draw. At minute 39, Valeria Agudelo entered instead of Lina Martínez.

In the end, Nacional did not manage to add a local victory and that tie seriously complicates it to fight for a place among the eight. For Orsomarso, it is a golden point that keeps them among the top eight in the championship. On the next date, Atlético Nacional will face Deportivo Pereira as a visitor, while Orsomarso hosts Atlético Bucaramanga.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8