Bono points high to the challenge of Sevilla and talks about casualties, Zamora or the growth of Betis

The Sevilla FC goalkeeper is ambitious before the end of the season that is approaching

In any moment of difficulty, appears Yassine Bono. As happens on many Sundays on the pitch, the Moroccan international also wanted to throw the ball to the ground at a time of doubt among Sevilla fans. The goalkeeper of Seville FC, that with each passing day the entity’s first Zamora Trophy is closer, he praises the season the team is doing and although he regrets the European disappointment, he believes that the necessary steps are being taken to continue growing.

In this sense, it is clear that the final objective could not be LaLiga, as some have predicted. “I don’t think it hurts -being favorites-, but you can’t be champion from one year to the next. You have to climb the steps, be third, then second and one day you have to be champion. The important thing is that the team is ready to improve on previous years”, assured the Nervionense goalkeeper on Radio Marca, where he gave as an example the growth of other teams and the competitiveness that exists with the powerful: “It is not easy to compete against Barça, Real Madrid, Atlético, Villarreal, Betis€ We have been achieving an important objective for two years, but we want more; like Villarreal or Betis if they get into the Europa League two years in a row they want more. It is normal. i see the team plugged into achieving a goal greater than the previous ones“.

And that happens by getting back into the Champions League, breaking the record for three consecutive years and fighting for one of the positions that he has held in recent months and that he lost after his defeat at the Camp Nou. In this sense, he believes that Lopetegui’s role in this entire process remains paramount. “For Sevilla that we are having Lopetegui is essential. He is a very competitive Sevilla. He has been competing at the top for three years and the idea of ​​the game shows. When you have eight casualties, with players who play less and with people from the subsidiary, the team continues to compete. We have the responsibility and the conviction that the best way to achieve goals and go further is to be together. (…) The others have to feel that Sevilla is not just any rival in that fight. We are an experienced team and we are well positioned in this fight for the rest of the rivals. We must go game by game and bring out our best version”, he highlights.

In this sense, he regretted having been playing for so many weeks with uncertainty due to the continuous casualties. “These are things that happen. It’s not an easy season. It’s a Pre-World Cup. There are important games and the players have many commitments with their national teams. And at Sevilla, with many national team players, it’s not always easy. Injuries, when they appear, they strengthen you to give more. When they happen it affects you. We come from a strange campaign. The teammates who, for example, travel to Argentina have them a day before the game. It’s not easy, “he says.

The first step to change the dynamic is to beat Granada this Friday. “All the games are very important, but in this final stretch even more so, because that’s where the goals are achieved. Friday’s is a fundamental game. The players feel it and the fans, too. People don’t need to say anything, they already know they have to help the team. Our stadium plays an important role in our matches”, assures the Sevilla Fútbol Club goalkeeper, who appeals to the power of Sánchez-Pizjuán now that the away results have turned their backs on them.

However, neither those results nor the casualties have unseated him in the fight for the Zamorawhich is almost in hand. “The only thing that goes through my head is that every moment I enter the field I am enjoying it; just like training. The other thing, being with this attitude, comes. Of course it is exciting, but the most important thing is what we achieve in a group,” he adds.

Lastly, he admits what has been his only disappointment so far: Europe: “Each season we want to improve on the previous one. Our idea was to reach the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Then, in the Europa League, we put the desire to try reach the final, but it didn’t happen. Now we have to fulfill a primary objective for the club”.