Champions League 2021-22: Why doesn’t Romelu Lukaku play Chelsea – Real Madrid, for the quarterfinals?

The chelsea receive this Wednesday at Real Madridfor the first leg of the quarterfinals of the champions League 2021-22. But he will do it without one of the best strikers Europe has had in recent years: Romelu Lukaku. In that sense, you may wonder why the Belgian striker does not face the box carlo Ancelotti and Stamford Bridge.

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Why does Romelu Lukaku not play Chelsea – Real Madrid, for the quarterfinals?

lukaku, the 28 yearsHe arrived at the London team last summer and became the most expensive signing in the history of the British entity. His trainer Thomas Tuchelwho had just led Chelsea to lift the Champions League for the second time in the club’s history, considered that the team’s game needed the arrival of a footballer like Lukaku.

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The German coach knew that Lukaku’s arrival would require changing Chelsea’s style of playthat he had gotten used to a system without a pure ‘9’. However, even if it forced him to change the scheme, Tuchel decided that the best thing was for Lukaku to return to what had been his home (Chelsea had signed him at the age of 18 and he only lasted one season at Stamford Bridge).

An undreamed-of return to London

But the return to the English capital was not what everyone expected, especially after what was done with Antonio Conte’s Inter recently. After a good start, Lukaku began to lose heart.increasingly disconnected from the team game. And the straw that broke the camel’s back came last December, when the footballer activated the almost definitive detonation: in an interview granted to “Heaven Italy”commented that He wasn’t happy, that he missed his previous team and that it was the coach’s fault, who “has decided to play with a different system”.

Since then, there seems to have been no reconciliation. And that is reflected in the number of minutes Tuchel gives Lukaku: from playing it all at the beginning of the campaign, to being usually a luxury substitute that the Teutonic coach hardly throws. Throughout the Champions League 2021-22, Lukaku scored 2 goals and provided an assist in just 294 minutes played (5 games, only two starters). And in the entire campaign, the Belgian played only 2,272 minutes, scoring 12 goals and giving 2 assists in 35 commitments. Last year, at Inter, he played 3,565 minutes and scored 30 goals and gave 10 assists in 44 games.