Cordn, who has been in clubs like Villarreal or Monaco, is clear: “Nothing to do with Betis”

The surprising opinion of the Verdiblanco sports director on Big Data and new technologies in football

Antonio Cordón, general sports director of Real Betis, is on tour, worth the expression. His excellent results in these almost two years at the helm of the Verdiblanco club have brought the Extremaduran back to the fore, a highly valued and sought-after professional. In fact, this week the news broke (on ‘’) that the club where he made the leap from scouting and the quarry to the first level, Villarreal, wanted to get him back, although he has a contract until 2024 and wants to respect it. The visible head of the heliopolitan planning has been one of the prestigious speakers who have transferred their experience in the Higher University Course of Sports Director in Soccer organized by the RFEF, while accompanying Edgar and Guardado in a round table, framed within the Real Betis Sports Management Master, aimed at students in the Loyola University assembly hall.

In the first of the events, as detailed by the Spanish, he insisted on the search for excellence in all the axes of a sports structure, starting from a detailed initial diagnosis that ranges from the sports templates (first team and Academy), to the resources of the club, the economic context of the entity, the human resources, the directors, the fans and the local press. Being organized, creative, flexible, with very well defined functions, knowing how to listen, taking great care of human resources, both in the sports area and in the rest of the entity, and taking advantage of the latest technological trends, a model must be created, a philosophy and a working method aimed at achieving the maximum. Always with the utmost discretion and a healthy climate that encourages competition.

In his presentation, the senior Betis executive highlighted the importance of the figure of the Team Manager (Alexis Trujillo here), who, in his opinion, will continue to specialize, being a facilitator of the processes. For his part, in the university act (where the footballers present joked about a possible penalty that they would have to take in the Cup final before a full and dedicated capacity), Cordón accepted the comparisons between the different cities where he has worked, opting for Seville : “I have noticed a radical change with, for example, Monaco or Villarreal. In the Principality, you were qualified to win the League and in the Champions League quarterfinals, but maybe 3,500 people went to Louis II. Nothing to do with Betis , with the passion of Betis, with the feeling of Betis”.

The round table, under the title ‘How to advance your professional career: an inspiring vision of professional athletes’, discovered an old-school sports director, far from current practices, tending to accommodate more and more prominence to the new tools: “You have to know how to use technology. I have never signed up for Big Data, the day I have to do it, I go home. So much technology has helped to have fewer personal relationships. Before there was another type of coexistence “. Finally, he praised the mental factor as a differentiating element: “I admire those who consider themselves leaders. Those who seek excellence in what they are doing. Successes and failures must be given normality. A failure should not sink you , but it must be a motivation”.