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Deportivo Cali was shaken. And how. They beat Boca Juniors from Argentina, 2-0, in the Copa Libertadores group stage match played in Palmaseca. A goal from defender Guillermo Burdisso and another from Jhon Vásquez gave the victory to the Valle del Cauca team, which rose from the ashes and started off on the right foot in the continental tournament.

It was a game of maximum risk for Cali, who knew that he could not give an advantage against such a dangerous rival. Boca, without Sebastián Villa, and with the Colombians Fabra and Campuzano as starters, went out to play up front, exploiting Cali’s right wing, where Exequiel Zeballos constantly appeared. But his initiative was short-lived.

Boca went to less very quickly

The first emotion of the game was for the team from Cali, in a blunder by goalkeeper Rossi, a false start, the ball was left free to Yony González, who took a long time to define and was unarmed. The game, which started with intensity, slowed down, became slow. Cali, led by Teo Gutiérrez, tried to set conditions, He was getting closer but without real risk for the goal of the Argentine club.

Mafla had a good shot, but was previously ahead. It was a warning. Cali was gaining confidence. Teo was the one who guided and distributed. Boca responded with a free kick from Óscar Romero, without much risk. But then, the Argentine team was able to engage in a great attack, a counterattack play led by Fabra, first with Zeballos who took a good shot that goalkeeper De Amores controlled halfway. On the rebound, Benedetto wanted to surprise but found a good reaction from the goalkeeper who prevented his goal from falling.

The auction of the first part was demanding. Boca lost Zambrano due to injury. Benedetto, in addition, was saved from expulsion after a blow to Gutiérrez, in a divided ball; then, Bendetto himself asked for a penalty in a one-on-one with De Amores, and to finish it off.

In the second half, Cali went out to look for the winning goal, taking precautions not to take risks, but at minute 56 he lost González due to a muscle injury. Jhon Vásquez entered, who would later be key. Vuletich also entered to see if any of them could be the solution, but beyond the dynamic that Teo was trying to impress, Cali could not find a way to create real danger. And Boca, the fearsome Argentine team, gradually forgot about the game.

finally the goals

Until the long-awaited Caleño goal finally arrived. It was a free kick, Teo and Velasco were in front of the ball, perhaps all of Boca expected Teo to be the executor, but no, Velasco launched a strong charge, which did not seem like a center but a shot, and Burdisso got up and grazed the ball to fool goalkeeper Rossi, at 71 minutes, and 1-0. A relief.

Cali took a breath. He had the points in his pocket. Boca had to go out to find the tie and did not have the clarity to do so. Zeballos was once again the protagonist with a great shot that narrowly defeated De Amores. And 10 minutes from the end, Velasco appeared again, who won the final line, threw the low center and Vásquez anticipated his marker and defined, 2-0.

And that was it, although Boca almost discounted Advíncula’s violent shot, he had no time for more. Cali won, resurfaces and stomps in the Copa Libertadores, at the start of group E. On the next date they will face Corinthians as a visitor.


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