Imanol doesn’t take me seriously

A little while after Monday’s game ended, my partner commented to me with laughter maitan urbieta: “Imanol he doesn’t take me seriously; I ask him a question and he laughs, looks at me, and keeps laughing.” Obviously, she, like me, knows perfectly well that Imanol respects her, as he does with all of her teammates, and this has been a constant since she came to the bench at Real. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the Imanol Imanol’s professional person. They are so intimately linked that trying to separate them would be as much as ‘killing’ them both. Imanol he is a football professional, and as such, subject to criticism, but it is not always easy for me to take aim against him, because I believe in his honesty as a starting point.

When Orio stands in the press room, he does it in his double professional and personal aspect, for the simple reason that he does not know how to do it any other way; he would feel that he was betraying himself. So, what we see is what there is; that could perfectly be his presentation slogan. In football we are so tired of witnessing performances, interpretations of a role, that coming across guys like Imanol is like breathing in a cleaner, less stale atmosphere. Of course Imanol he’s wrong, how he’s wrong Txema Olidenand every living thing does it, but it’s not the same when it does Imanolthat when they do Mourinho OR Bordalásto give two examples of particularly ‘hated’ characters, or at least that’s how I see it.

TO Imanol They will probably take him from Real, like everyone else, the results, maybe one day. Nor is he immune to that unwritten law. But the day he does, he will leave with the respect of all of us who know him, in fair reciprocity with what he gives us.

To Mendi does not like the VAR

Jose Luis Mendilibaranother of those characters who, as he would say, is one of those who dresses by the feet, another guy without duplicity, direct, sincere, whom the tyranny of the results and the questionable decisions of a club, have left out of the circuit, just three months after taking a drifting ship under his responsibility. Zaldibar’s has been significant from the beginning, for maintaining a critical stance towards the implementation and especially the misuse of the video assistant referee (VAR).

Precisely we knew the news of his dismissal just after the start of the Reale Arena match. And just a few minutes later Jaime Latrethe turn braid, and soto degree in the video arbitration room, they perpetrated another unfortunate performance, which again exasperated each other, because, curiously, in the end, nobody is satisfied. He said beggar that when the VAR intervened it is as if time were frozen, people cringed, fearful waiting for the final resolution of the great judge. And he is not suspected of opportunism, as he said so after the VAR invalidated three Real Madrid goals for offside. Something is not being done well, because what happened last Monday in Anoeta bordered on the surreal.

Nais Djouahra has leprechaun

No one had asked Imanol after Monday’s game and it seemed fair to bring it up. And he was right, because Djouahra He again revealed some virtues that he treasures and that should allow him, if he maintains a reasonable progression, to continue climbing in his career towards consolidation in this team.

What is the ceiling of Le Normand?

We have been emphasizing the significant number of games in which Real have managed to lock their goal and keep it clean. One of the architects of robin le normanthe footballer who has made the most progress in the last two years, probably because he started from further away. I wonder what his roof will be, and I even get scared.