“It’s called parasite football because they live off your mistakes”: the most ruthless criticism of Simeone’s Atlético Madrid approach against Manchester City

Diego Simeone was left in the center of the scene after falling in his clash against Manchester City (REUTERS / Craig Brough)

One of the most anticipated duels in the quarterfinals of the Champions League was the one that put them face to face in a real clash of styles Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and Diego Simeone’s Atlético Madrid.

The first leg, played in the Etihad StadiumIt ended 1-0 for the citizens thanks to a bit of Kevin De Bruyne. However, the statistics reflect a larger difference, since the mattresses they couldn’t get a shot on goal in the 90 minutes and had only 21 percent possession of the ball.

Faced with this scenario, Dean Saundersformer Welsh footballer of Liverpool, Aston Villa, Galatasaray and Benfica, carried out a lapidary analysis in daily mail on the actions of the Spanish group in English territory. If you want to spoil a football match, play as Atletico Madrid. Actually, they try to spoil the game. They sit and wait. It’s called parasite football: they live off your mistakes”, began his harsh comment.

Dean Saunders harshly criticized Cholo Simeone (Gettyimages)
Dean Saunders harshly criticized Cholo Simeone (Gettyimages)

“They close doors all over the field and just try to intercept a pass. If you sit back against Manchester City and invite them to surround you, they will score a goal for you in the end,” he continued. And then he added: “It’s terrible to watch, terrible to play, nobody’s going to enjoy it. If you see Manchester City against Liverpool, it’s going to be entertaining.”

The mattresswho could never win this competition, currently has 57 units and is one of the escorts along with Barcelona and Seville of Real Madrid, who looks down on everyone with 69 points. The Citizens, for their part, lead the Premier League with 73 units, one more than Liverpool, their closest rival.

“I myself have played like this, as long as you get a result; I’m not making fun of Simeone, ”he clarified. However, he later added: “But the way it’s being organized is spoiling the game to watch, spoiling it to play, condensing the spaceshowing no ambition to score. When you’re watching the game, you fall asleep”.

The second leg will be on Wednesday, April 13, from 4:00 p.m. (Argentina time), at the Wanda Metropolitan. The winner of this key will be measured in the semifinals against the winner of the cross between Chelsea, current champion, and Real Madrid, the club with the most titles in this competition.

These words had even more repercussions after the press conference that Guardiola gave, in which he said: “It was a very close game, very difficult because they are masters defending all together at the back. They played with a 5-5 for much of the match. There were no spaces, apart from the fact that they are very competitive, very good at defending, there were no spaces. In prehistory, today, in 100 years, attacking five against five is very difficult. We have no references of the forwards. Both are small and light. We managed to keep them from running too much, we didn’t concede any chances, in the end it was a matter of patience and Kevin De Bruyne’s goal came”.

El Cholo, for his part, declared: “It’s the same way of seeing a team that attacks very well. It is very difficult to have a team like the one you have. Three good players come out and three better ones come in. If a choral offensive system is valued, a strong and unashamed defensive system must also be valued, a choral defensive system is valued”.


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