Josune Urdniz: “We depend on ourselves and we are going to go step by step”

The Osasuna player, Joshua Urdanizhas appeared on the official channels of the rojillo entity to make an assessment of the season that the rojillo team is signing, after beating DUX Logroño this Sunday in Tajonar, and add three points that have placed them in second position, one point behind the leader, Espanyol.

“I think that the fact that we are one point away from the firstafter having won games against direct rivals, It is very important emotionally. I think we are in a good moment, we have to be calm because nothing is done, but we can go ahead and continue fighting for what we love so much, “she began by exposing the red.

Regarding the last match played by the rojillas, the player has recognized that “beating all the teams that are fighting up there with us is a plus. Logically, having left DUX four points I think is very important. Yes, it is true that we can talk about being firstbut we are not talking about that, but also about that new category that is going to be created. So, the fact of having left a team that is also fighting for it at quite a few points for the team it’s a motivation”and he added that “year after year we are showing that we are much better at the second rounds. I think the team is gaining confidence, and it makes them show more of a claw and what the club means in the last days, but it is true that the mind has to be cool and you have to go step by step”.

The pupils of Kakun Mainz have four wins in the last five games they have played at home, after a somewhat irregular first round. “The first games we played this year were a bit difficult, the team did not feel comfortable. This second round we are becoming forceful again in Tajonar, which is once again our headquarters and we must continue making Tajonar our fort”has admitted.

Regarding the level of the category this season, Urdániz explained that “based on the fact that three teams have dropped out of the First Division, I think that the league is now more competitive, but last year there were two teams, Alavés and us, who were fighting for the first place and this year instead we are six, seven teams fighting for the first places in a small difference of points, which says that the league is much more competitive” and he wanted to highlight the great work of Osasuna by pointing out that “when a club has been fighting to get up to the First Division, I think it’s worth valuing. Logically we would have liked it to have gone up in other years, but when it’s not achieved, and you keep fighting to do it , I think it is to be valued. And that means that even if it was not achieved, the work is in the day to day”.

Finally, and regarding the end of the season, Josune Urdániz has ruled that “There are seven days left and we depend on ourselves. But we also believe that we have to keep a cool head and go step by step. We are going to go every game to get as much as possible”.