king, aspirants and several dreams to do

Curiously, this time, perhaps as happened in the last edition of the Champions Leagueone of the teams that has a dream yet to be fulfilled in the best club competition in the world, such as the manchester cityleave as favorite to the throne. However, winning this competition is complicated and even more so, it seems, for those who have never broken the ice, and if not, tell the Atletico Madrid and the same team blue skyrunners-up in the competition.

If we look at history, which has its weight in these quarterfinals, the Real Madridperhaps undeservedly, he is there again for her, and as long as he is alive in ‘his trophy’, you know… he is still the king. With thirteen titles, the Whites aspire to the most difficult yet, to achieve fourteenth when everything is against them. It’s not the first time they’ve done it. Opposite is the reigning champion, Chelsea, who despite not arriving at their best moment seems to be more of a team than Madrid and starts as the virtual favorite in this tie that starts tomorrow at Stamford Bridge.

Much more face they still have the Liverpool and the Bavarian in their respective duels against Benfica and the Villarreal. those of Jurgen Klopp and those of julian nagelsman join the team of Pep Guardiola as solid theoretical contenders for the scepter, but while City has a hard bone in another runner-up, Atlético del Cholo Simeonethe reds and the people of Munich are superior to the Portuguese and Spanish, although, as they say, favoritism must be earned. The English will do it today; the Germans, tomorrow, both, all, at 9:00 p.m.

Perhaps the tie with the most cheating is precisely that of the team from Etihad Stadiumthat today he can see both City crowned with his game over solid and defensive football from a team on the rise such as the mattress player or, on the contrary, cast doubt on the leader of the Premier league against an uncomfortable rival, who can be lethal on the counterattack. Being a finalist in 20/21 and so convincing this season, a drop in the quarterfinals would be a debacle in Manchester.

In short, the king, Madrid, does not start with many ballots to be in the semifinals; those who do have the hopefuls to reduce the whites some of the historical distance that they carry to all the others, Liverpool, Bayern -both with six titles to their name- and the defending champion, Chelsea. Benfica, Villarreal and Atleti have nothing to lose and the favourites, City, who have never won, have all the pressure due to the need to conquer the throne for the first time, being, as they are, the most capable team so far this season. That, however, has never been enough.