Miguel Llorente defended himself against the accusations at Dépor Abanca

Miguel Llorente appeared publicly for the first time since he was removed from his position as coach of the Depor Abanca. The technician, already restored from his functions, wanted to give his version of what happened after the complaint for alleged behavior that goes against the code of ethics. Thus he exposed the chronology and what he considered five key points:

On Friday the 18th comes Ana González (second coach) and tells me that she wants to leave the team. That it’s a matter of pressure, that she didn’t feel comfortable… I tell her to take two days off, that I understand that the situation wasn’t the best because we were on a losing streak… that we talked about it on Tuesday. That same Tuesday I had a meeting with the club, to see if we could improve something on a sporting level and the club notifies me that Ana has left office. That same day I arrive in Abegondo and the players have a letter that Ana has left them. To this day I don’t know what it said. They have not passed it to me, nor have they read it to me“.

The next day an anonymous email arrives at the club’s Code of Ethics, which we understand is similar to the letter, and as a result of that, I speak with the club and I think that with common sense, it separates me. I was set aside 10 days and an investigation was opened, which involved 25 or 26 people who were asked about actions that I was supposed to have had. 10 days pass and it is decided that I have not committed any irregular act against the code of ethics or against anyone. I’m back to training and trying to get back to normal. I have always been calm, I have done things as they had to be done. I have considered it opportune to be patient and give time until things are cleared up”.

The five points with which Miguel Llorente defends himself

First: I thank my friends and close people, who have been pending. And to the club, because I think they have behaved very well from common sense. It doesn’t usually happen in football and they have surprised me again. To my staff, they knew what we had experienced, who I am and they have written and informed me. Honest, loyal and faithful people are priceless.

Second: I told the players and I say it here. He empathizes with them. The day I get to the locker room and they read a letter that makes them very angry, I understand their situation and their reaction. She is a person whom they trust and have affection for (Ana), and who arrives saying depending on what things about me… I understand her reaction and possibly I would have had the same.

Third: Self-criticism. I am a person who likes leadership, I like group management and, of course, there is something that I have to improve. If this happens on a computer of mine, I’ve been doing something wrong. I turn it over and I have commented on it. And if the club allows me, I’ll reach out to Ana because what I want is to learn. No hard feelings. I understand that there is something that I have been able to do better, what I want is to learn to be a better coach and a better person.

Quarter: Surprise. Ana has been a member of our coaching staff from day one and she takes us by surprise because she never told us about her discomfort. We ate together every Thursday. She catches the players, me and my teammates by surprise. We do not know what the reasons for it were. You may be dissatisfied with your work, but I understand that the modus operandi is not the one that has proceeded. What has been done, from my point of view, is excessive.

Fifth: Reflection. And not just for me. For society and people who follow sports or whoever thinks they should take it. How can you do so much damage to a person? I have had two very bad weeks. I do not deserve this. Neither me nor anyone. I have received messages of death threats as a result of an anonymous email with things that I have done or said in my life. I am accused of being a workplace harasser, a psychological abuser… I have been involved in sexual scandal headlines, when the club made it clear that there was nothing like that. What need is there to stone a person without information and evidence? To try to sink him in the deepest… I am a strong person, a survivor. But you have to be careful because not everyone is like that and we can destroy a work life and, more importantly, a personal life.

Miguel Llorente does not consider taking legal action at the moment

The technician insisted again that understands Deportivo’s procedure“I think it’s good that the code of ethics has been put in place”, and she talks about how the players have received their return: “The feelings have been good. We have two weeks left. I understand the procedure and that you have to act like this, but I’m sure that if I had talked to them the next day, they would have understood the situation. It doesn’t hold up. I understand the anger and I would have done the same, but if one day had passed and the next day, in a good conversation, some individually and others in a group, they would have understood my situation. When you tell the truth, there is no other way. It may take more or less, but face-to-face communication does not fail. I’ve been two weeks without being able to talk to them, so I’ve been patient. I knew that they would understand because the issue does not hold.”

The coach also referred to the “verbal reprimand” that Deportivo includes in the statement of his reinstatement: “Reprimand is a sanction and I have not had any. I can understand that the shots go because you can always improve, that maybe at the break of a match, with the tension, if I can say “please” better than “holy shit”… but the important thing is that I’m back”.

To end, Miguel Llorente ruled out at least for the time being legal action: “I have thought about it a lot. What has been done has been done well. Measures have been taken. I am calm with what has been done so far. I know I haven’t done anything wrong and I believe that life puts everyone in their place. I will not be the one seeking legal action, at least not yet. I will not do it because I do not hold a grudge or desire for revenge. I think this person is going to find himself in a situation like this again with someone other than me, because I think it is his own problem rather than someone else’s. What happens is that you see it reflected in another person. Life is learning and sooner or later it will happen again. And she’ll realize the problem wasn’t with me, it’s with herself. That’s why I extend my hand to her, I want to understand why she has acted like this. No one understands it, but I’m not going to do anything.”