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New fight between fans of soccer teams in the vicinity of Campín – Bogotá



riot of fans

New confrontation between fans in Teusaquillo store

New confrontation between fans in Teusaquillo store

Young people attacked a group of colleagues who were chatting after a game in a store in the sector

Young people who were chatting in a store near the El Campín stadium were caught in the middle of a fight between fans of two soccer teams in Bogotá. The subjects were in the establishment resting after a game between colleagues in one of the synthetic courts of the sector. Of them, two were injured with a knife and received severe blows with blunt objects.

The fact would have occurred, apparently, because several fans of Independiente Santa Fe would have entered the establishment to provoke the fans of Millonarios who were also inside the store located on Calle 57 with Transversal 28.

According to information provided by CityTv, dozens of fans of the red shirt would have even entered with machetes in hand to look for the blueyes “There were some guys from Millonarios there drinking when suddenly a guy from Santa Fe came in to make trouble for them. They paid no attention and the guy left. However, after a while he arrived with a lot of people. Those from Santa Fe entered with blunt objects to pick up those boys, ”said a witness to the events.

The owner and the people who were inside the establishment tried to contain the situation and move away the young people who came to cause the problem. However, there were so many young people who tried to enter that they forced the gate and entered to beat and rob everyone who was inside the establishment.

The injured were taken to the San Ignacio Hospital where they recovered and are out of danger.


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