Real Sociedad-Espanyol Chronicle: Isak is not for sale

“I want to hear the oe, oe oe, Isak”declared the Swedish in the middle of the pandemic when the goals were celebrated in the middle of a vacuum more like a cemetery than a football stadium. The Swede needed it. It is not normal all the bad things that are happening to him this course in which his unexpected scoring drought that has caused him to only have one goal in all of 2022 We must add that last Tuesday he was left without playing the World Cup when he lost with his team in Poland. In the north they are considerably colder, but the fact that has not scored in any of the two games he played has motivated him to take some sticks that surely they have stung him more than the ones he is receiving in these parts. Scorers are like that, when they get into a crisis they have a hard time turning it around and the only way they have to solve their problem is by seeing the door. The point is that week by week his lack of aim has been increasing without the club seeming to realize that the setback was becoming more important.

the tip he is a cold guy, who seems not to be overwhelmed by criticism but who enjoys making the txuri-urdin fans happy. Yesterday, playing on the left as a solution for Imanol in the face of Januzaj’s losses (we remember a lot about his absurd card in Seville, we have to mature once and for all) and Oyarzabal, and when things looked worse when the energy ran out after overcoming by far to Espanyol, Isak drew strength from weakness to throw the team behind him and look for a miraculous play that would give him the three points. He did not stop believing and in injury time, despite his puzzle against the rival goal, he did not hesitate to assume responsibility to award three golden points to Real from eleven meters.

Football is ephemeral and ungratefulbut surprisingly there is a current circulating in the txuri-urdin parish that seems to have assumed that this summer Isak will leave. Raise your hand if you really think or believe that this is a good time to sell one of the best young strikers in Europe, for which giants of the Old Continent have not stopped being interested for two summers, when he is 22 years oldHe is completing a more than discreet course and has been left without playing the World Cup. We are crazy? Isak is not for sale and whoever wants him already knows what he costs. And if they don’t come close and a verbal commitment has been reached with him to pave the way for a club with more muscle, let him knock on the door next year that we will receive him with education and a treasurer. “Hey, hey, hey, Isak, Isak…”.

The return to Monday was as cold as could be expected. Not even the sunny day attracted the txuri-urdin fan, whom the schedule threw him back after such a party binge like those accumulated by the Blue and Whites. More than two weeks after having clearly beaten Sevilla in their stadium despite not passing the tie, Real returned to compete in their fiefdom in a match against Espanyol in which they were forbidden to fail if they intended to enter Europe. Imanol defended himself in his press conference by stating that he is not more conservative than in previous seasons. To prove it or not, he opted for his most offensive eleven of the campaign. With Gorosobel and Zubeldia as novelties in the rear; Rafinha and Silva finally together in midfield to the detriment of a Merino who was a substitute for the first time this season; and with a peculiar trident with Portu, Sorloth and Isak at the top. Meanwhile, Espanyol presented as an innovation the entry of Oier Olazabal in goal, with Loren replacing the injured RDT.

The realistic team did not take long to lock up their opponent, The one who came to handcuffed with a possession of 72% before the intermission. With Rafinha and Silva as masters of ceremonies, well escorted and protected by Zubimendi, the Blue and Whites came to dance to their opponent, although, truth be told and as is usual this season, without generating much danger. With very little fang. Nothing new. In that sense, it doesn’t matter what day or time, they have a very deep grasp on Real that it costs them a world to score a goal, so all visitors to Anoeta show up with a lesson well learned. Well placed, strong, concentrated and waiting to catch a counter. The truth is that it seems easy, but with the seven 1-0 through, the reality is that it is far from being an easy mission.

Few occasions Despite the harassment, the only notable thing about the first course was a shot at Zubimendi point blank who deflected with Oier’s face and two shots from Le Normand, who went high, and from Silva, assisted after a good steal and driving by Rico who stopped the Irun goalkeeper. Without doing hardly anything in attack, Espanyol had two headers from Cabrera and Puado to Embarba’s crosses and a long shot from the former Rayista that Remiro caught.

As soon as the second half began, the controversial action of the match arrived. A Silva center finished it off to the Sorloth net, but Jaime Latre, which has always been very bad, annulled it at the request of the VAR for an alleged foul due to minimal contact with Cabrera, who exaggerated what is not written. Once again, video arbitration, instead of persecuting and condemning the fake cheater, protected him. As always, they invent a magnificent tool to make football fairer and, since they are so incompetent and they barricade each other so as not to step on the hose, they turn it into a lethal weapon that protects the one who simulates. They are going to load football.

This weekend, the only thing missing was the contribution of Jaime Latre, a manual incompetent, to seal some days blacker than ever of the suspicious arbitration group. Now it will not be long before the voices appear that affirm that the final lack of a clumsy Calero to Merino was a penaltyThat may be true, but what does not admit discussion is that the contact with the Navarrese was a thousand times stronger than Sorloth’s blow to the Uruguayan. Let them understand that we do enough to put up with them and survive in their theory of chaos, that no one can stand it.

La Real had tried non-stop in the second half as well, but once again he couldn’t find good finishing positions against the crowded Catalan defense. Rico narrowly missed a distant shell; Isak, after a magnificent slalom and after leaning against a wall with Naïs, saw how his shot was deflected for a corner; Rafinha did not direct his header on the plate; and Sanse’s own winger grazed the squad with a strong shot from inside the area.

When it seemed all the fish sold, at the discount, Remiro hurriedly saved a shot from far away from Yangel who was poisoned by the boat and almost in the final action the aforementioned penalty from Calero came to Merino (It is not very well understood what is the clumsiness of giving him such a push inside the area). And goal, from a penalty, to celebrate the anniversary of the Cup. Eighth 1-0 in what has become, without a doubt, more than the common denominator of the realistic successes this year, in the exponent of the modus operandi of this team , which barely fits and almost always generates much more than its opponent until it finds, usually later than soon, its reward.

Nobody can dispute the justice of his new victory when Villarreal and Athletic, his pursuers, rubbed their hands before facing each other next weekend. One gets to six and the other to seven points and there are eight days left. One less. La Real carried out another game in which they could not fail. He did it with a goal from Isak that should light the fuse of a necessary scoring sprint that would put Real back in Europe. Let’s not forget, bad months are experienced by all the strikers in the world, even the best in history, but let no one make us lose perspective, the sports management will not find in the market a battering ram with the possibilities of Isak. oh oh oh…