Serie A: Milan loses the ‘fang’ and sees the ‘Scudetto’ in danger

FThere are seven days left for the Series A to end. Milan follows firstbut the goalless draw against Bologna (0-0) has only done show the ‘rossoneri’ problem with the goal in the months of February and March.

Milan’s fang has been chipped, it generates but is not capable of finishing successfully. Bad business when everything is open in the fight to see who lifts the ‘Scuddetto’. It seems that since he became the leader of the championship, a few weeks ago, the opposing goal has been getting smaller and smaller.

This is the fight for Serie A

33 shots… zero goals

The statistics of the game against Bologna are overwhelming. With 33 shots, the locals were not able to open the scoring. But if you add the data from the four games prior to this one, with three identical results (1-0) and another goalless draw, it becomes devastating.

21 shots against Cagliari, 15 against Empoli, 12 against Naples, in Serie A, and 13 against Inter, in the Italian Cup, They add up to a total of 94 shots in which they have obtained a minimum return in goals: three goals in five games. Almost a hundred attempts to collect a harvest of three goals.

It is not a problem of not creating danger. In all these games, the red and black team was superior to its rival and always enjoyed a greater offensive presence. It is a problem of definition, of the last pass, of the last touch before the goal.

leadership pressure

The pressure exerted by Naples and Inter from behind in the table seems to be weighing heavily on the shoulders of a team that is still he depends on himself to be champion, but with these numbers and his affected nose for goal, it seems difficult for him to hold on.

Rafael Leao has exploded this season, he is one of the team’s biggest dangers. Physically superior to most of its rivals, faster, with a powerful start and overflow capacity. Together with Theo Hernndez they formed a lethal left band for a time, but the teams have reinforced the defenses for this profile, completely nullifying a Leao who can’t handle everything and who looks very lonely.

The bad moment of Brahim, Messias, Ibra…

The rest of the companions are not being enough without the Portuguese. Brahim does not scoresince last September 25and he does not have much weight in the team, Messas does not finish performing on the far right and Ibra has just returned from his injurybut it doesn’t seem like it will be the solution. Giroud appeared at the key moment of the season in the Milan derby with a brace, and he scored the goal in the recent win against Naples, but now his performances are not so outstanding.

In fact, in the other two Serie A games, Empoli and Cagliari, it was not the strikers who scored. Midfielder Bennacer and defender Tomori unblocked the matches with two shots from outside the box. Two isolated actions in which the individual prevails over the collective.

Those of Pioli do not know the defeat in their last 11 games, but it has not been exactly a walk. The last time they scored more than one goal was almost two months ago, on February 19, against Salernitana, the red lantern in the Italian domestic championship, in a game they didn’t even win (2-2).

a defense of steel

The Milanese team has solved this lack of lucidity in attack with maturity in defense. Tomori and Kalulu, a pair of central defenders, have been two real walls, disrupting any attempt by the rival along with Maignan, who has always risen to the occasion. The triangle formed by defenders and goalkeeper is the one that has maintained the dynamic of Milan’s victories, which has disappeared above.

Looking for the ‘9’: Origi, Scamacca, Jonathan David…

And Milan wants to react this summer market. According to the Italian media, Liverpool striker Divock Origi is running as the frontrunner to reinforce the attack. But other names like Gianluca Scamacca, from Sassuolo, or Jonathan David, from Lille are on the list.

But before that you have to finish this season. The end is very close and the reaction is necessary. Now more than ever Milan cannot afford to keep games open until an individual ‘genius’ appears. There are seven games left in which Pioli’s offense will have to uncork the bottle of goals if they don’t want to see the ‘Scudetto’ slip through their hands.