The cracks of this season play at the back

REMIRO / An insurmountable wall in Anoeta

Alex Remiro’s League in Anoeta is tremendous, and that could be even more amazing, if it weren’t tarnished by the Navarrese’s disastrous mistake against Athletic (1-1). Muniain’s goal in extra time was one of the three that Remiro has conceded at home. The other two were in a single game, against Madrid (0-2). The rest of his 14 appearances at home have resulted in a clean sheet.

ZALDUA/Imanol’s winger in the big games

Joseba Zaldua’s mission as a right-back has specialized this season in drying out the wingers of the best teams. Imanol’s confidence has been blind in the San Sebastian player in the big games, against Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Sevilla. He has left behind the tunnel of muscular problems that complicated him in previous seasons and he is ready for anything.

GOROSABEL/Closer to the fullness that he embraced a year ago

Gorosabel stands out once again as the leading side in the League, with 80% of the 30 games played. A good Zaldua in Europe at the beginning of the season and the difficulties that the man from Arrasate has gone through have made him lose some value, but he reaches the end closer to the fullness of previous seasons. He has gained confidence and evolved in armoring in his area.

LE NORMAND/In Elche will exceed its participation record

The only footballer to play every minute of the League was crowned again against Espanyol. Le Normand leads the Real defence, he is the central defender who symbolizes the spectacular performance at the back. In the last championship he added 2,748 minutes in 33 games. Thanks to the 2,700 that he reached on Monday, the Breton will surpass this league record for participation in the Elche field.

ZUBELDIA/A guarantee tool for the end

One of the novel notes against Espanyol was the entrance of Igor Zubeldia in the center of the defense. Happy reunion with the victory for Azkoitia, whose last two starts were the goals at San Mamés and the Bernabéu. Zubeldia admitted in MD that he has left behind the problems in the pubis, so Imanol finds in the youth squad a tool of total security.

ARITZ/The ‘gunner’ seeks lost prominence

It usually happens that in the teams a defender shines in scoring matters. This championship has been the turn of Aritz Elustondo, with four goals in 25 days. Only Oyarzabal and Isak have scored more, and that’s why Beasain’s player acts on the opposite side. Jon Pacheco and Zubeldia have taken away the leading role that he had achieved: only three leagues ago Aritz played more than in the current one.

PACHECO / Sudden appearance with makings

Suddenly, Jon Pacheco appeared by surprise in the 1-0 line-up against Osasuna due to the plague of casualties on the wings. Aritz played the acting lane, Imanol resulted in lines of five and the young man from Baztandarra chained four games at the highest level for the first time in his professional career. La Real won three, Pacheco was brilliant, and only lost at the Bernabéu, where he learned the trade.

RICO/Leap in quality to raise competition

He has been made to beg, perhaps through the muscle rupture at the beginning, but the most devastating Diego Rico has arrived on time. The great match from Burgos in Seville and his remarkable performance against Espanyol raise the competition for the left side to a vibrant one. Rico links five complete games with Real for the first time. He gave Merino the pass prior to the decisive penalty. Upward.

AIHEN/The endorsement of a splendid first round

Real’s outstanding defensive season would be impossible to understand without the positive contribution of Aihen Muñoz. Until some discomfort in the soleus that has been slow to disappear stopped him, Etxauri’s was in its greatest period in the Real. The first round of the League that he signed, splendid, is the best endorsement of the left side.