The frustrated signing of Havertz by Real Madrid and the ‘Camavinga model’ for other reinforcements

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Kai Havertz (Aachen, Germany; 1999) will be today the reference in attack of the chelsea against him Real Madrid. In the place of the almost secluded Romelu LukakuThe German midfielder will assume stripes against a very special rival. Havertz could wear white, but he ended up being blue for a pandemic that did not hit the London team so hard.

The summer of 2020 completely changed Havertz’s career. He was 20 years old, but in the bayer leverkusen He had long since broken down the door. It was the jewel of the Bundesliga and in all Europe they raffled it off Madrid, who had done a great job of attracting German talent, started with an advantage as soon as the year began with a view to closing their signing in the summer.

Havertz was the covered one in the 2020 Madrid market, but both that and other operations were blown up at the time the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the world. Revenues plummeted and Real had no choice but to give up signing that year -which was fulfilled with the only incorporation of Odegaard and several important sales-, informing the German’s environment of the situation.

There was only the possibility that Havertz was willing to wait a year, but his priority was to play the Champions League and ended up accepting Chelsea’s offer. At that moment the opportunity to see him in white vanished and the other signings indicated for that summer remained in the air, also due to the pandemic: Erling Haland and Eduardo Camavinga.

Camavinga, with Rennes


The reality of Camavinga and Haaland has been very different from that of Havertz. They both stayed in Rennes and dormundrespectively, and the doors were not closed to Real Madrid. Almost two years later, one is already wearing the white team’s shirt and the other can if the white club wins manchester city the battle for his signing.

In times of crisis, and where the millions of the sheikhs and the inflated accounts of the Premier continue to rule, Madrid is clear about how to sign. It is important that the player is willing to make an effort to wear white because there will almost always be better economic offers. Camavinga, who had PSG behind him, among others, waited a year and put his dream of playing for the 13 European Cup club first.

Tchouameni’s decision

At the expense of what happens with Haaland, this summer there could be another case in which the player has to choose between the money and the prestige of playing for Real Madrid. We talk about Aurelien TchouameniMonaco midfielder whom they point to as Casemiro’s heir. The problem is its high price (between 60-80 million) and the pressure from other teams.

Aurélien Tchouaméni during the match against PSG.

Aurélien Tchouaméni during the match against PSG.

AFP7 / Europe Press

Madrid is clear how far it can go. The signing of Haaland (already counting on Mbappé) would greatly complicate carrying out another large-scale operation. If the Norwegian does not sign, Tchouameni will have more possibilities. Be that as it may, the Frenchman will have to give up more money from other offers if he ends up in Madrid. The other option, as his compatriot Camavinga did, would be to wait a year.

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