“The intention of the club must be to grow; I would like to be an important player there”

One of the important footballers of the Spanish, Sergi DarderHe was self-critical regarding the games away from home, where he considers that the team should give more. The Balearic, who did not get too wet about his renewal, considers that there should be no problems in reaching an agreement in order to extend his contract, and hopes to continue adding; he is not satisfied with just remaining in the category. He is ambitious and asks the Spanish let it be too.

Renewal: “It is not essential since I have a year left. I’m calm, I’m happy Spanish, These are situations that do not depend on me. I am calm and focused on football, if it is done on vacation better, it is a matter of club and agents.

Does the club project weigh to renew?: “A lot. It is evident that you have to assess the economic part, but I think that there will be no problem there. I think the club intends for me to stay, I know that if one day I have to leave I won’t be as happy as I am here. But it doesn’t only depend on me, but also on what project the club wants. It will be more of a club issue than my own.”

Where do you think the project should go? “Grow. I think the most important thing is to look up. It must be the intention of the club, to grow over the years, but we come from Second divisionwe must not forget it. Hopefully we can play EuropeI came for that, but it has its difficulties. The project of Spanish It has to be going upwards, as we are doing, but we have room to aspire to more and be more ambitious.”

Should he be a referential player in the project?: “We have great players to be the center of attention. Some due to age, status, contract, must give more. Perhaps other years I hid more of those responsibilities, but now I see myself prepared, although always surrounded. Each one with his functions, but I would like to be one of the important ones».

Dependence of Raúl de Tomás: “I don’t know if it’s the word, we have good strikers, but we know what it is. Raula very important player for us, worse we have players, even Javi Puadovery good that they can play there. you can play very good there. If only Raul He can be there as soon as possible, he is a player who only creates chances.”

What did the team lack in Reale Arena?: The Real society He has dominated many games at home, we knew that the duel happened because of what we did since the rival together does not generate many problems, but we lacked freshness with the ball, recovering, we rushed on occasions. Despite this, we reached 70-75′ with a scoreless draw and from inside the field I had the feeling that the game was under control, we matured well. Even so, we would like to have more of the ball and have the lines higher up »

What happens outside: “The teams win more at home, we have to be aware that we have to be strong and continue the good dynamics at home. It is costing us more, I think we lack that personality, we have to be braver. Within our field we are stronger, at home with fans we feel more obliged.

WHERE: “The VAR is there to help and sometimes it doesn’t. Many teams complain, the hand issue is the most contentious. In the penalty, if there is contact you cannot go, it is a bad rule. I would like everything to be unified, but sometimes it has worked in our favour. I respect the work of the referees, but the VAR issue should help more than it has so far.”

Sensation after not going with Spain: “These are things that I did not waste much time with. I am told that I am on the pre-list but it is a very controlled joy, I saw it as complicated. Happy that my name is in these pools, for me it is already the host. I see the option as far away, my thought is to do well here and it depends on the level that I give here. I think I am capable of doing better and who knows if in the future I will be able to go»

Winning Celta, season saved?: “For me it’s 38 days, at Celtic you have to win it, but the next one too. The ambition of the club should not be the minimum, I have not only set myself the permanence. It is the first objective, but not the only one; It must be the beginning of everything.