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Silver river

Alliance Lima vs. River Plate.

Alliance Lima vs. River Plate.

River Plate won in their visit to Alianza Lima in Copa Libertadores.

River began its path in the Copa Libertadores with the right foot in strictly sports: it played at a good level, it beat Alianza Lima 1-0 with a goal from Matías Suárez and continues his footballing rise in search of regularity over time.

But the good feelings that the debut left were overshadowed by the serious injury suffered by Robert Rojas after a bestial kick from the Peruvian Aldair Rodríguez: the studies carried out in Peru confirm that the defender suffered fractures to the right tibia and fibula.

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At 41 minutes of the second half, after a long exit from Alianza Lima, Rojas He covered the ball with his body and, as he fell and before being able to pass back to Jonatan Maidana, who was waiting attentively, he received a kick from Rodríguez from behind, with excessive violence, which automatically left the Paraguayan lying in pain.

Interestingly, referee Wilmar Roldán showed the striker a yellow card; then, seeing the right leg of the Paraguayan and observing the reactions of his teammates and his rivals, who took their heads, he decided to kick him out.

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