Carlos Antonio Vélez asks Luis Díaz “not to levitate”


Carlos Antonio Vélez is characterized as one of the most forward sports journalists in the country. With the forcefulness that he always shows and his in-depth study of football, he referred to Luis Díaz after the triumph that the Colombian and his teammates starred in the Champions League against Benfica 3-1 with Liverpool.

Luis Díaz not only scored in the 87th minute, but also set up an assist to Sadio Mané, which was his first assist in the Uefa Champions League and Mané’s 22nd goal in 51 matches in the tournament, according to MisterChip.

Today Luis Díaz receives praise from the entire football world, the same one who regrets not seeing him in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. For Carlos Antonio, he is the only coffee player who stands out at an elite level.

“The only ‘top’ player we have, Luis Díaz. He is a natural player, who does not make an effort to do what he does because it flows from his nature. Fast and breaks inwards, he has speed and characteristics that some barely discover because he was in a lower context than Portugal, ”said the journalist on his YouTube channel after Luis Díaz passed through Porto.

In English, Spanish, Portuguese and of course Colombian newspapers, Luis Díaz is the protagonist. “Today the press surrenders at his feet. He appears in covers and headlines, the recognition is maximum. He does not need the World Cup, nor will he need the World Cup. Better if I had had it, but if not, there is the Champions as a magnificent showcase and more in that team. In fact, he is the different and outstanding player, ”he stressed of the peasant’s present.

Carlos Antonio relied on Wyscout, the data page that even provides World Cup teams to support his arguments that confirm the good moment of Luis Díaz. “To give you an idea, Manchester City in the match against Atlético de Madrid had the same shots on goal as Luis Díaz”he added, highlighting his accuracy, for example, which was 94% on passes.

The sports journalist described Luis Díaz as the boy who is doing very well and is moving up in his career. “It’s going up in everything, even in the bank account”said.

However, Carlos Antonio asked Luis Díaz not to get lost along the way and to have a strong mentality. “The only thing I ask of God is that he is not going to be the typical Colombian player. You know what and who I mean, players who have many conditions, but here (points to his head) sawdust, they will saw the wood of San Juan”, he opined.

His message immediately led us to think of James Rodríguez after he himself confessed to Vicky Dávila what he thinks of Al-Rayyan’s 10. “He is a millionaire man, but a conformist.” Vélez does not want Díaz to fall for the same thing. “So, keep your production line, don’t levitate, don’t dedicate yourself to social networks, the catwalk, the spring life. That he has an invisible training, which is to rest the right thing, judiciously”, he asked.

The sports commentator reminded Luis Díaz that he has a lot of life left to enjoy and advised him to dedicate himself to playing soccer. “That you have a body that responds because if not, it takes its toll on you. When you treat it badly, the body reacts to you. Consecutive, repeated injuries come, they become chronic, he begins to get lazy to get up early, ”he stressed.

Vehemently, he believed that as long as ‘Lucho’ maintains its center and its focus, Colombia will have a supercrack. “That the other temptations don’t reach him, they reach Cristiano and Messi, but they have a different mentality. We already know what peanuts are like, so let’s not fool ourselves,” finished.