Chelsea – Real Madrid: Europe surrenders to Benzema: “He is the best in the world”

I don’t play football to be the best in the world, I play for nights like this“. Karim BenzemaLondon, April 6, 2022, after signing his second consecutive hat-trick in Champions League. When the exhibition against PSG seemed unrepeatable, on the 9th of Real Madrid conquered stamford bridge with another three goals that give the team an advantage Ancelotti to advance to the semifinals.

Benzema’s brutality in 3 minutes: brace with two headers that will go around the world

“Fasting suits me very well,” commented Karim Benzema just two days ago in an interview on Don. And the truth is that the recital he gave last night, one more this season, attests to this. Not only for the goals, but for the physical display that he had his prize again. He ran for Mendy and then Rudiger to steal their walletscore his third goal to calm down at Stamford Bridge and close out another magical night this season.

A few months to know the Golden BallIt will be necessary to see what can be invented again so as not to give him the award. Only Lewandowskiwho has 12 goals in this Champions League, could be a threat.

Goal by Benzema (1-3) in Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

Europe surrenders at his feet

At about eleven o’clock at night, the great European sports headers had a clear protagonist. “Karim to joy” and “To take off Benzema’s hat” in L’Équipe. “Benzema stuns Chelsea” in Le Parisien. “Benzema, Lord of the Champions” in La Gazzetta. “Benzema dismantles Tuchel” in Bild. And so, throughout the continent.

Benzema is the best striker in the world. His level is very high and it shows. We score goals with him, he’s huge,” he assured. Cuts after the match. That his colleagues say it is normal. But it is that the world of soccer was unanimous in its judgment after the exhibition.

“When Cristiano Ronaldo was there, Benzema had the humility to be in the background because he knew what he meant to the team, but now he’s stepped out of the shadows. She is 34 years old and he is the best nine in the world. It’s another level,” Rio Ferdinand, one of the most valued commentators in English football, said on BT Sport. Another ex-United left a forceful phrase on Prime Video. “It’s a war machinesaid a Euro that ended up wearing Karim’s shirt.

“A total striker, reminds me of di stefano. To young people it may not say anything, but for those who know about football it says a lot. He is involved in creating, he scores great goals and he is a leader on the pitch.” The tremendous praise comes from a man who has seen both football and fabio capello. The former Real Madrid coach was full of praise on Sky Sport after the Madridista’s hat-trick in London.

Hat-trick after hat-trick

And it is that his three goals from yesterday they were a blessing for Real Madrid. The first is the best, with a simply impressive header, another with the head to make it 0-2, this time with more mischief, and a third that shows that you always have to believe.

Benzema’s figures are already typical of Messi and Cristiano in his best times, adding the French a participation in the game of the excellent team.

Karim now has 37 goals in 36 gamesto more than one per match, and now has two consecutive hat-tricks in the Champions League. It seemed impossible to beat his night in the famous comeback with PSG. Three goals in 20 minutes to turn the tie around. Well, we just had to wait for the next game to sign another three and leave this time the crossing of the rooms more than on track.

something will have Benzema who intimidates the goalkeepers in an overwhelming way. happened with Donnarumma just three weeks ago, when he squeezed him into error. Yesterday the same thing happened to Mendy when he saw Karim approaching, and this time also Rudiger.

But there is more. The most famous was undoubtedly the final in kyiv, when he put pressure on kario. and the first went to ulricin a return duel against Bayern when the white team suffered the most.

It impresses: the ‘So, so, so Madrid wins!’ resounded. at Stamford Bridge

After the game, Karim attended the Movistar microphones: “Things are going well for us because we played well throughout the game. It was another magical night. The three goals are very important. I’m happier with the third one…because I was still thinking about the one I missed“.