Deportes Tolima vs Atlético Mineiro Copa Libertadores Analysis Group D | Libertadores Cup


Deportes Tolima was a harsh reflection of the moment that Colombian teams are experiencing in international competitions and the results of the Colombian National Team in some of the Qualifiers. His debut was full of expectation due to the great list that Hernán Torres has registered for the Copa Libertadores, but they disappointed.

Although they had several options to score, and controlled the game at times, they ran into a Brazilian team that, as usual, has reigned in football at club level. It’s already hard for the Colombian team to face a great like Atlético de Mineiro and other institutions in Brazil. For example, in the Qualifiers, even though Reinaldo Rueda and the national team played an interesting game for him in Sao Paulo, an error cost him with 18 minutes to go to maintain equality. History won that match.

Without a doubt, it was not the expected debut due to the harsh 0-2 defeat, but there is still a long way to go in the absence of facing América de Mineiro and Independiente del Valle in Group D of the Copa Libertadores, in addition to playing the matches back.

In FUTBOLRED we analyze the match played by Deportes Tolima in its debut in the Copa Conmebol Libertadores:

He who does not do them, sees them do: The football sayings are more than true, since Deportes Tolima had a positive performance in the first minutes playing with its characteristics seeking to put together transitions from defense to attack. They had the clearest with an unusual mistake by Michael Rangel who had to push the ball to the bottom at 35 minutes.

However, the power of the Brazilians was noticeable playing half machine and with great calm in the last minutes of the first half to open the scoring in the first and only arrival of the first 45 minutes. Without a doubt, it was very difficult to react to that wasted action by the scorer, Rangel.

weak defense: From the first half, Tolima had been showing poor defense, especially with Eduar Caicedo. The first goal came with a series of touches and with a large space between the two central defenders through which Savarino touched very easily against some high lines that they could easily overcome.

Already in the second half, the mark was completely lost and cost the second goal. Diego Godín assisted Tchê Tchê who with the inside edge pushed the ball to the bottom without any opponent bothering him.

High blood pressure was interesting: to create those characteristic transitions from defense to attack, the first few minutes were interesting due to the high density that Tolima played in the Mineiro field, overwhelming every attempt by the Brazilians to leave.

However, the high pressure played a trick on Tolima. As a result of raising their lines, Mineiro was able to move better with the ball at his feet and in an action initiated by Junior Alonso from his own field, with a few touches they crossed the middle of the field and with an elegant touch from Jefferson Savarino to Ignacio Fernández , the Argentine defined crossed beating Alexander Domínguez.

He repeated the same play: Hernán Torres and Deportes Tolima got involved in playing counterattacks, and when he couldn’t counterattack, he only walked through the center of the field without using the bands. A game that became very obvious to counter by the visit.

Lack of consistency: The Brazilian hierarchy appeared, the superiority of a Copa Libertadores champion team in 2013. Despite the options that Tolima had, Mineiro won it with ease and simplicity, dominating the ball, but without many scoring opportunities. There were two attempts on goal from the visit, and both goals fell. Subsequently, the Tolimenses played desperately with unsuccessful centers controlled easily by Everson and without ideas during the last minutes of the game.