Former Granada CF player Nico Hidalgo fights lung cancer with Spiriman

The world of football from Granada was shocked yesterday by the news. The Motrile player Nico Hidalgoone of the youth players most loved by the fans of the grenade cfHe has advanced-stage lung cancer with bone metastases. This was announced yesterday through his social networks by the doctor from Granada Jesus Candel ‘Spiriman’who also suffers from the same disease.

“Cancer with metastases appeared in our lives, but here Nico and I are training at @uapo_es like many other patients, who know the importance of physical exercise as a treatment against this fucking disease,” Spiriman explained in his Twitter accounts. Twitter me Instagram.

Nico Hidalgo Garcia He was born in Motril on April 30, 1992 and made his debut for the local team in the 2009-10 season. After four seasons, Motril CF signed for Granada CF, alternating with the subsidiary and the first team, with whom he played a single official match in the first leg of the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey in the 2014-15 season against Cordoba, with a 1-0 victory. Nico came on in the 71st minute to replace the Swedish Daniel Larsson and raised the expectations of the fans, since he was the first man from Granada to play in the red and white shirt since Manolo Lucena’s retirement a year and a half earlier.

But Nico Hidalgo he has already made history before with Granada CF, since he was the author of the goal promotion of Granada B to Second Division B in the 2012-13 seasonthat for the first time put the entity’s second team in the third national category in its previous format. Nico was a key player on the right wing of the attack for that team led by Joseba Aguado, and in the decisive match against Extremadura, after four minutes, he scored the goal that decided the tie. And it wasn’t just anyone, a bit of Vaseline from the center of the field that stung directly into the Extremaduran goal, as it forced the local team to score three goals in the remainder of the game because the first leg at Los Cármenes was 1-0.

Nico remained in the discipline of Granada CF until the 2015-16 campaign, where he was on loan from the Juventus of Turinfor whom he signed in 2014 for his great skill with the ball and his offensive character, although he never made his debut. Later he has played in teams like the Cádiz CF, Racing de Santander and Extremadura UDrecently disappeared. Racing de Santander wanted to send encouragement to Nico from his profile on his Twitter.

The former Granada footballer is recovering in the Oncology Patient Support Unit (UAPO)an “interdisciplinary unit that integrates physical education, physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition”, as explained on its website. This unit has been created by the Spiribol Foundationdirected by Jesús Candel ‘Spiriman’, after his diagnosis of advanced lung cancer. This doctor from Granada led the protests against the Junta de Andalucía in Granada for the hospital merger, which created a social movement that managed to stop the plans of the regional administration and that Granada had two complete hospitals.

The Oncology Patient Support Unit values ​​the importance of physical exercise for the recovery of cancer patients and they are dedicated to covering three main needs as detailed on their website. “Firstly, to respond to the growing need in society to treat the effects of cancer on the health and quality of life of patients. Secondly, to put on the table the scientific evidence of the benefits of physical exercise for prevention and recovery from cancer and finally, to respond to the scarce offer of individualized exercise prescription before, during and after the diagnosis of the disease”, they say from the portal.

The UAPO relies on the profit research group (Promotion of fitness and health through physical activity) from the University of Granada. This group is in charge of scientifically evidencing the physical interventions that are carried out on patients, since their studies are based on “verifying the beneficial effects that physical activity causes in people with or without disease.” This Support Unit currently has offices in Granada, Malaga, Madrid and Jaén and cares for more than 300 patients with the help of 14 professionals and 7,000 active members.

After the news of Nico Hidalgo’s illness, the Granada CF has wanted to send him encouragement via a post on Twitter. “We begin by sending our hug and encouragement to Nico Hidalgo (@ NicoHG10). Here we know his courage and bravery well, that same spirit with which he is facing cancer. With strength and courage, let’s go Nico!”