Javier Castrilli was fired from the arbitration commission of the Chilean soccer federation: the reasons


Javier Castrilli was fired from the arbitration commission of the Chilean soccer federation. Photo: NA:MARCELO CAPECE

Former Argentinian referee Javier Castrilli He will leave his position as president of the arbitration commission of the Chilean soccer federation (ANFP), after some audios were leaked in which the Argentine would have exerted extra soccer pressure for the match corresponding to the Promotion that delivered a place for the First Division Come in Huachipato and Copiapo.

According to the local newspaper Thirdthe authorities of the Andean entity met with the former arbitrator to inform him that “he would be removed from his duties while the investigation was carried out.” However, “both Castrilli, like Osvaldo Talamilla and Braulio Arenas, the other members of the commission, did not accept, for which they were fired.”.

We cannot allow football to continue transmitting impunity. We want football to have transparency. It is a magnificent sport, it is the best discipline. We must reduce the possibility of any error”, had been the words of the Argentine when he assumed his new role in which he did not reach 7 months.

During the last hours, the Chilean press exposed the conversation held by the local referee who was in charge of the meeting of the Promotion, Francisco Gilbertwhich led to the dismissal of Sheriff. “I collect the penalty, understanding that it could not be a penalty, because I played it. I saw from behind that I touched her ankle and I knew that the VAR was going to call me. When the VAR calls me, I see that it is not a penalty. I was going to go out with a corner kick and they told me Francisco, please, moment; analyze the t-shirt. And I see a t-shirt pull “were the arguments about the controversial actions of the referee.

The audio that revealed the Radio DNA He left no room for doubt: “I say that it seems to me that it is a game action, I am going to go with a corner kick. Francisco, please analyze the shirtthey tell me. What about me? chuchaThat’s when I understood that something had happened. I do not know what chuchabut something weird. And I left with that feeling of collecting a ball that wasn’t. When the match ends, the VAR members tell me Thank goodness you took the penalty, thank goodness you understood us. They called me from Santiago that I had to charge a penalty”.

The conversation that the controversial judge had recognized that the order of Castrilli was to favor a team: “He called me and told me that he was a brave, courageous guy, who felt represented by me on the court. We are going to bank you to death, you are the people we need, people committed to the projecttold me”…

It should be noted that the referees union of Chile started a strike in protest against the dismissal of 11 colleagues by decision of Javier Castrillibefore he left his post. The president of the federation, pablo miladHe supported the dismissals and did not rule out hiring foreign judges.

The referees decided to take a measure of force and at the moment it is unknown what will happen with the ninth date of the local championship scheduled for the weekend.


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