Javier González Calvo: “I want Córdoba CF to go up as soon as possible, I’m looking forward to it”

The CEO of the Cordoba CF, Javier Gonzalez Calvoanalyzed the club’s news after the presentation of the application Cordoba CF TV. The Extremaduran indicated that «he really wanted it to be seen, since we are trying to modernize ourselves and have our own television channel, one type Netflix in Cordoba», something that «will not cost more than a month to drink one or two beers», he added. In addition, it coincided with a week in which “If we’re lucky, we can move up. There is nothing left and the players we have understood the idiosyncrasy and everything we were playing for »projection.

The concession of the stadium and the situation of the Sports City

Taking advantage of the exhibition of Cordovan memorabilia, he was once again questioned about the possibility of having a museum and the current situation of the stadium The Archangel. «We are waiting for the concession and we do not want to put money twice, we are not here to throw it away. The idea was to do it in our facilities, we moved the Foundation and we have a corridor to make exhibitions, but if the concession is close, so that everything can be united with these spaces and visits can be made, much better», he evidenced.

For now “The terms of time given by the City Council are met, it is quite early and I do not think we will go beyond that month of June”. now they must tell «how to introduce ourselves, the specifications and the time they give to be able to make changes». From the entity they are “calm” and he asserted that “If we have it legally granted and we are not still in a precarious situation, much better.”

And as for the process regularization of the Sports Cityasserted that «In the last ten days we have spoken with the technicians of the City Council and we are all for the work». The idea is none other than to be able to use the large field of the Camino de Carbonell facilities, with its stands, so that «The subsidiary and the women’s can play on natural grass».

The celebration, in Las Tendillas… and the balcony of the Town Hall?

Regarding the more than possible promotion and its celebration, González Calvo explained that “They are rarely held and let’s not forget that we have already won a title. We will have to celebrate and it may be a deferred ascent», he evidenced. Why win the Córdoba CF to CF Villanovense and CP Cacereño fell to Montijoit would be consumed. «We would have liked to win in Cáceres, but we will celebrate it and we will go to Las Tendillas. We have spoken with the Police to see how we can do it and celebrate it soon at the stadium. I hope we can do it this week or the next and not wait for Las Palmas because I’m looking forward to it.», he joked. and they would go too “to the balcony of the Town Hall” in case of “being invited”.

There is a desire to achieve the objective, something that was evidenced in one of his answers. “I want to go up on Sunday, as soon as possible, I’m looking forward to it”he claimed. “Having so much distance it’s too long for you. The team lost in Villanueva de la Serena and another in the offices, nothing more. It’s getting long, in Cáceres they played a good game but we were already thinking about this Saturday. It suffers a lot and I’m looking forward to the promotion», he reviewed.

Possible signings and renewals

The preparation of the next season is also on the table, a circumstance that was revealed when asked about Mourad Daoudi, from Alcoyano. “When he came out in the press, precisely I was with Juanito and with Faisal Bin Jamailof Infinity and that is above me, viewing budgets. I looked at him, I asked him and he told me that it is one of the many that we are seeing like many others or the San Fernando.

The job is to see players all year and then witness the ones that interest us. However, he indicated that they were more interested “in the possible renewals” and in the exit movements “so that the new ones can enter.” From the club «we always work with a lot of time, eight or ten hours and watching a lot of football. As long as we can we will start to hit the keys and make the team as fast as possible. We must continue with the continuous illusion and that next year they compete for promotion again with another team, even if we leave players», he explained.

Dragisa Gudelj He is one of those who have not yet signed their continuity. “I think he will end up playing here. It’s in his hands, he’s comfortable at the club, it’s been quick for him and I prefer to stay with people who are already giving results. It is a warning to navigators for him, to do it as soon as possible », she smiled.

The superiority of Córdoba CF was always very present. «It’s not hard, if you take the first of the rest of the groups we practically get 12 points from them too. El Cacereño is holding up quite a bit and I remember again that we have lost a game and another in the offices because of us. We show our faces in all fields after making a new team and we have to improve it, but not change it », he said. «What we already have, well, that it be something better with the possible changes that we make. Having to make nine or ten signings doesn’t make sense. The time has come when we must create a team, improve it and let it grownot continuous changes and then there are the market opportunities”, he warned.

The ticket for the match against Villanovense

A very good entry is expected for this Saturday in the riverside area. «Lots of tickets sold. We have invited the rest of the schools that were missing, but on Saturdays it is more complicated. I encourage them to come, to have a party because if we win we are virtually promoted».