kick from Aldair Rodríguez to Robert Rojas


River Plate had a great debut in the 2022 Copa Libertadores by beating Alianza Lima 0-1 in Peru, but the joy of victory was clouded by an unfortunate image at the end.

River did not have a flashy game, but they were safe and showing their caste, they did not suffer and ended up winning it with a goal from Matías Suárez. For its part, the ‘Inca’ team tried to tie it with more desire than with football.

So much so that the impotence of being dominated by the ‘crusader gang’ drove an Alianza player out of his wits, who without thinking for a second about the consequences, lashed out terribly against a rival.

The criminal kick of Aldair Rodríguez to Robert Rojas

At the end of the game and with the result almost settled, Robert Rojas, defender of River, had the ball with complete peace of mind and in order to ‘sleep’ the game, he did not risk and decided to hold the ball under pressure from striker Aldair Rodríguez , who desperate for equality, began to attack aggressively.

First it was a trip, then a few pushes and after not being able to steal the ball, he kicked Rojas hard from the back, when he was already destabilized and about to fall to the ground.

Few had realized the seriousness of the situation, but the cries of the Paraguayan defender alerted the other players on the pitch, who, when approaching the player, saw how the calf of his right leg was fractured in two parts.

Initially, the Colombian referee Wilmar Roldán took the yellow card from Rodríguez, a former América de Cali player, but after seeing the serious injury he caused Rojas, he decided to expel him.

Seriousness of Robert Rojas’ injury

The Paraguayan had to leave the stadium by ambulance and was taken directly to a hospital, where an X-ray was performed to determine the extent of the injury.

At a press conference, Marcelo Gallardo confirmed that it is a fracture of the tibia and fibula, one of the most feared injuries by footballers due to its complex recovery.

It is the bitter taste that remains beyond the victory of this away win. There the doctors told us that he may have a fracture in the tibia. Although this must be confirmed with the studies, it will take a long time to recover. He’s strong, he’s going to get ahead”, declared the ‘doll’.

In addition, the DT revealed what he said to the player when he was taken to the ambulance. “I tried to give him peace of mind and at that moment one has to be serene and even more so when a co-worker has an injury.”

Argentine journalists have reported that Robert Rojas will undergo surgery in Buenos Aires, although River Plate doctors are evaluating the risks of the plane trip from Lima and whether the pressure of the plane could displace the fracture of the tibia and fibula.