Ligue 1 is planning the revolution – fans should be able to listen to referees

Will not only the VAR and the players hear him soon? French referee Jérémy Stinat.Image: IMAGO / Buzzi

The French FA, the Referees Association and the TV rights holder all agree: if the law enforcement gives their blessing, the referees in Ligue 1 will be wired and TV viewers will hear everything that is said during a game.

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Why on earth doesn’t that goal count? Football fans can become furious if what they consider a regular goal from their team doesn’t count. They may soon receive information during the game from the person who made the decision: the referee.

The French Football Federation (FFF), the Referees Association (DTA) and Amazon Prime Video, as the television rights holders, have discussed the idea and agree that they want to use the technology. According to “RMC Sport”, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which determines the football rules, must now give the green light. A corresponding application has already been made.

Entertainment and a noble motive

About two weeks ago, the streaming service showed excerpts of the championship game between Olympique Marseille and Angers, where you could listen to referee Jérémy Stinat. Apparently this test went down well. One excerpt in particular made the rounds in which Stinat discussed a possible offside with OM player Matteo Guendouzi.

With this innovation, Amazon wants to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it wants to give its transmissions a new feature. On the other hand, an internal source is quoted as saying that a microphone can help make the referee’s decisions easier to understand.

Since the introduction of the video referee, referees have been wearing a microphone to communicate with the head office. “I commented on almost the entire game,” reported the recently retired Swiss referee Adrien Jaccottet in the NZZ. “As a referee, I had to carry out all important decisions over my microphone so that the VAR was aware of my thoughts.” (R.A.M)

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