Lionel Messi: nutrition, training, fitness – this is how the world footballer lives from PSG

For many he is the best player of all time – even the biggest envious people have to acknowledge his quality every now and then: Lionel Messi. GOAL explains in this article how the striker organizes his life to always stay at the highest level.

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest of all time: not only in football, but also in global sport, he receives more recognition than almost anyone else. That’s hardly surprising: With the number of records and titles that the little Argentine holds, it’s easy to get confused.

The hunt for the title won’t last forever: Messi is now 34, and during the few months in Paris you can see more and more that he’s no longer on the same level as he was at peak times in Barcelona.

Despite this, it is still a prolific goal-scorer who can finish any situation. GOAL takes a look at his diet and fitness plan in this article.

Lionel Messi’s incredible career in numbers: La Pulga has already won so many titles

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Lionel Messi’s diet: how the PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) superstar eats

Not everyone has the time or inclination to take care of their meals: Sometimes you’re at work late, the video game is just too exciting or your favorite club’s soccer game is on TV – of course you can’t miss that.

Of course, it’s not forbidden to have the delivery man pedal to his feet for the fifth time a week in order to have the pizza delivered to your home – but this luxury isn’t possible as a professional athlete. You should pay more attention to what is on the plate.

Nutrition expert helps Lionel Messi for the perfect meals: This is how the PSG superstar eats

It shouldn’t be a secret that a Lionel Messi, just like people with “normal” jobs and reasonable incomes, doesn’t manage to prepare a meticulously planned meal in the kitchen twice a day – although that’s less of a problem when you have an estimated 35 million euros earned per year.

In fact, since 2014 Messi has been working with Giuliano Poser, an Italian nutritionist and consultant, and he has “revolutionized” Messi’s meal plan. There are five aspects that, according to Poser, are essential as the basis for the nutritional program – there is nothing that cannot be found in our kitchens.

Antihero Zucker: That is not on the table at Messi!

Olive oil, water, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and whole grains are the five categories that Poser tries to incorporate into Messi’s everyday mealtime. Also important: nuts and seeds.

What doesn’t work at all: sugar! “Sugar is the worst thing ever for the muscles. The further he stays away from sugar, the better,” said Poser in an interview in 2016. Messi is not a saint in the field per se: the attacker said in an interview years ago, that at the beginning of his career he often found himself with chocolate or soft drink in hand – it even went so far that he had to throw up on the field.

Is Messi vegetarian or even vegan? That’s why Messi is very careful when eating meat

So without sugar, an unhealthy product is out of the running, but what about meat? Global meat consumption is still far too high today, and health and sports experts have long been recommending a vegetarian or, even better, vegan diet, especially for (competitive) athletes.

The reason: On the one hand, the many unhealthy ingredients. In addition, there is the complicated digestion that the meat takes – at this point we recommend the documentary “The Game Changers”, which can be seen on Netflix. Incidentally, Poser also knows that meat is unhealthy, who advised Messi against excessive meat consumption, referring to Messi’s roots: “The amount of meat that people in Uruguay and Argentina eat is too much.”

Chicken, pork schnitzel and pizza: this is how Lionel Messi (PSG) would like to eat

So no meat for one of the best players in the world? Not quite: Messi admits that he eats much more orderly and less meat, but he can’t get around it completely. That should be difficult enough for the winger, after all, his favorite food is fried chicken with root vegetables! Would you like a recipe? FC Barcelona took a closer look at the club icon’s favorite dish for you.

By the way: The pizza mentioned above was always at the top of Messi’s menu – but now it’s a rarity. The same applies to the milanesa, the South American version of the Wiener Schnitzel.

Mate tea instead of coffee: Lionel Messi wakes up with this drink

On the contrary, there is one drink that Lionel Messi loves and often drinks: Mate tea! The trend drink can not only be found among hip students, but originally comes from South America and is made from the leaves of the mate bush.

Tea isn’t really the right word, but either way it has numerous ingredients that are interesting for a competitive athlete: It contains caffeine, although it is less harmful than coffee, and at the same time it promotes alertness, reflex speed and relaxation. Our colleague Andreas Pfeffer from has more information on this SPOX summarized here.

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Lionel Messi’s training (PSG): this is how the Paris star stays fit!

Nutrition or not – without proper training, professional footballers will not end up where they are today: Mate tea, salad, quinoa and oatmeal may be a good basis for the life of a competitive athlete, but of course there is still tough training to.

With Messi, several points play a role in his success. There is, of course, the self-discipline with which he manages to consistently follow through with his nutrition plan and training and subordinate it to success. But it doesn’t stop there.

High muscle and bone stress: Lionel Messi impresses with “power-to-weight ratio”

Lionel Messi has a rigorous training schedule. While he may not be as obsessed as Cristiano Ronaldo about maintaining a perfect physique in old age, La Pulga also has remarkable fitness and physical attributes to offer.

Experts say he has a “ridiculous” strength-to-weight ratio. What that means? Judging by his height and weight, Messi is blessed with an above-average physique. The torso, ankles and hips must somehow manage to get all the power into the feet, as that’s where the body moves and the ball gets kicked – and at just 169 centimeters!

Lionel Messi’s personal workout: this is how the PSG striker keeps his body busy!

To train strength, speed and balance/coordination, Messi has a customized training plan that particularly focuses on the areas that are of great importance in Messi’s game – English-speaking fitness fans will find many of the following exercises familiar:

“Pillar bridge-front, lunges, hamstring stretches, pillar skips, hurdle hop, split squats, acceleration drills, skipping ropes, squats, diagonal hurdles, cones and other obstacles.” So that’s what a workout at Messi’s house is all about. Sounds like a lot – it is! And last but not least: Drink a lot of water (recommended not only for athletes!) and five to ten minutes on the treadmill to cool off!


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Lionel Messi in action: This is how PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) games are broadcast