Luis Hernández, a good fantasy patch?

Source: LaLiga

About to turn 33, Luis Hernandez He continues to show the solidity and defensive seriousness that have characterized him throughout his career. Arrived in the winter market, the Madrid player has settled in the Cadista eleven and has contributed to the improvement in defense of his team in recent days.

In this post we are going to analyze his long professional career, his numbers in the fantasy world and his possible signing in Biwenger, SofaScore, Comunio, Mister and LFM.

Luis Hernández: tanned in a thousand battles

Trained in the inexhaustible madridista academy, he joined the Real Madrid «C» in the 2007-08 season. A year later he became part of the Real Madrid Castillatemplate that would not leave until the end of the 2010-11 campaign.

Luis spent a few months without a team. He was the Real Sporting Gijon the club that decided to incorporate him into its subsidiary in January 2012. His opportunity in the first team was not long in coming and in September debuted inby then, Second division with the red and white elastic. Since then he became one of the defensive bastions of the Asturians and contributed very significantly to the promotion to the First Division of the Gijonese in the 2014-15 season.

In June 2016 he joined the ranks of the Leicester City F.C.. His journey through English lands was not as brilliant as it was supposed to be and he chose to sign for the Malaga CF. in January 2017. He stayed there until October 2020.

After passing through Malaga, he decided to try his luck at the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC of the Israeli Premier League. From there he was recruited by Cadiz CF in this winter market to reinforce its diminished defense. His experience and impeccable professionalism were key to his signing by those of the silver tacit. He almost immediately became a fixture in the lineups and one of the most respected players in the yellow dressing room.

fantasy scores

Luis Hernández undergoes medical examination
Source: Cadiz CF

Since his signing for Cádiz at the end of January, Hernández has played seven starts without interruption. In addition, he has been an essential part in the good defensive numbers of his team. Despite his poor position in the table, the cadista team has only received 3 goals since the incorporation of Luis2 of them against him Atletico Madrid.

His scores in the different fantasy games are more than acceptable. He accumulates 40 points in Biwenger and an average of 5.71 points per game, the same score that he adds in the system of perfect day. On SofaScore, his numbers are almost identical and he has a total of 39. In LFM, he has already achieved 34 points, which means 4.86 points per game and makes him one of the defenders with the best average in the game .

Do we incorporate it into our teams?

For Sergio Gonzalezcoach of Cádiz, has become a key strut in defense and also take advantage of powerful throw-in for strategy plays. His skill in this shot allows him to put the ball on the penalty spot with great ease. This generates a lot of danger and confusion in the rival teams having black as in charge of combing the ball.

Taking this into account, it does not seem that the Fali, Cala and Haroyan have many possibilities to seat Luis on the bench and his partner with Victor Chust It seems very solid.

If at its price, 2,200,000 euros in biwenger and less than 700,000 in LFM, we add his regularity, the confidence of his coach and the few goals that Cádiz CF is receiving in recent days, mean that the incorporation of a player with these characteristics could be a good patch to face the final stretch of our leagues. His price continues to rise, so if we already have defenses with better numbers, his signing will help us get extra money to speculate with.