PSG boss Nasser al-Khelaifi as a fighter for the little ones: criticism of Real, Barça and Juve – FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

The one who, like no other, has shaken up the financial world of football in recent years with moon salaries and record fees, suddenly presents himself as a fighter for the little ones and a lobbyist for the original values ​​of football – while at the same time he is investing billions in a Sovereign wealth fund defended in a football club…

PSG boss Nasser al-Khelaifi has once again condemned the striving of the top clubs Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin for new sources of billions in revenue through a Super League from Europe’s elite clubs. Speaking to the BBC, he said: “With ESL or without ESL – I hate to say Super League – you’re talking about three clubs. They know they don’t stand a chance. People are dying in Ukraine, many don’t know where they want to sleep – and we’re fighting for the Super League?” It almost sounds as if he had stopped all pursuit of profit during Putin’s war of aggression…


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Real, Barça and Juve are still sticking to their Super League plans, the first version of which provided for a closed system without promotion and relegation. Al-Khelaifi: “I want to play these matches, the big games, of course I want that. I know the audience wants that too. But we can’t just say: ‘You’re a smaller club, you’re out.’ It has to be an open system, with respect for everyone.”

The PSG boss claims they asked the French club to play in the Super League and offered a large sum. Al-Khelaifi: “I could have taken the ESL check for 400 million euros. You invited us. When I said no they claimed they didn’t invite us. That sums it up pretty well. If I had only thought of myself, I could have done it. Especially in times of Covid. But what about the ecosystem (of football), about the fans, about the values ​​we represent?”

The economic system of football has actually gotten almost out of control in recent years. This is also due to clubs run by sovereign wealth funds or oligarchs – like PSG, which has been owned by Qatar Sports Investments since 2011. However, al-Khelaifi defends this: “Imagine if there had been no investments in the past few years. Football would have collapsed, I promise you that.” And further: “If you look at the whole picture, what we are doing has taken football to a new level.”

He argues: “We are an investment fund. We bought the club for €70m. Since then we have received multi-billion dollar offers. This is the brand we’ve built as a real investment – with teams of men and women. People criticize that because it’s a sovereign fund. What about the other forms of ownership? Are club takeovers by private individuals about social welfare? What about clubs being lifted by private individuals – is that good? Barcelona are a fan-owned club with €1.5 billion in debt – does that work?”

The PSG boss also says that he would be “the first” to participate if the screw on player salaries could be turned back: “As the club boss, I would be the first to sign if I were told that it would there would be a salary cap.”

The Spanish daily sports newspaper has just published a salary ranking of soccer stars. She is led by PSG star Neymar (30). The Brazilian, who switched from Barça to the Parisians in 2017 for the record sum of 222 million euros, earns a salary of almost 50 million euros – per year. In second place is PSG player Lionel Messi (34), who has been playing in the French capital since this season, with an annual salary of almost 40 million euros. In general, Parisians dominate the payroll. And: Only PSG professionals are among the top 10 in French Ligue 1.