PSG opens the door to Julian Draxler and Thilo Kehrer

Paris St. Germain urgently needs to raise money from game sales. The first departure is already imminent, and it could also affect the two Germans in the squad.

In Paris mostly only in the reserve role: Thilo Kehrer (left) and Julian Draxler.
imago images/ULMER press photo agency

For once, Kylian MbappĂ©’s future is not an issue. Real Madrid’s movement had been announced for January, but little has been heard from the French capital recently. Regardless of the departure of the striker, who could be free in the summer, the Ligue 1 leaders are forced to sell some well-known players.

According to a recent report by “L’Equipe”, PSG still has to earn at least 100 million euros through game sales by the end of the current season, i.e. by June 30, 2022, after a lot of money went into Achraf Hakimi’s transfer fees and salaries last summer , Gianluigi Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos, Georginio Wijnaldum or Lionel Messi flowed and the chronic deficit in the coffers was increased rather than reduced.

Rafinha already awarded – Draxler can go

A first departure became a reality on Monday evening: offensive player Rafinha was loaned out to the Spanish club Real Sociedad until the end of the season. However, the savings for PSG through the loan business should be comparatively limited.

“L’Equipe” therefore names a few other prominent names who could leave the club in winter. For substitute keeper Sergio Rico and left-back Layvin Kurzawa, who has been sidelined, larger transfer fees are likely to be illusory, but PSG is hoping for more proceeds from other sales – for example that of Julian Draxler. Even though the international extended his contract last May until 2024, according to the report, the door is open for a transfer for the midfielder. PSG would therefore calculate with a transfer fee of around 20 million euros.

Kehrer, Diallo and Icardi are considered sales candidates

Possible departures from Draxler’s compatriot Thilo Kehrer and ex-Dortmunder Abdou Diallo should bring even more. According to “L’Equipe”, PSG estimates both at around 25 million euros, a departure of one or both players is considered more likely than the Draxlers, who apparently does not want to leave the club.

Center forward Mauro Icardi could bring the highest fee, although the case could be a bit difficult. There would probably be a buyer for the Argentine in Serie A, but PSG would have to make significant cuts compared to the purchase price of 50 million euros that was only paid in 2020.

It is unclear whether sports director Leonardo is willing to do so. Likewise, whether he has to raise the rumored 100 million in the end. In the past transfer phases, the investor QSI often opened the purse again. It cannot be ruled out that money will again flow from Qatar to close a possible financing gap.