RACING Racing seeks sports director for Second

The slogan is clear in Racing: promotion is not done until it is mathematically irreversible. But the numbers are so good, three games ahead with seven to play, that on the noble floor of El Sardinero they have made the decision to start looking for the stone on which they will build, in the event of promotion, their project in Second: a sports director. In this sense, the intention is firm that the new manager must have experience in the second category of Spanish football and, from the beginning, to assume both Romo on the bench, which he renews in case of promotion, as well as the commitment to the home team.

Despite the fact that the numbers of the current season could support the management carried out in the first team by Guillermo Fernández Romo and Víctor Alonso, his friend and general manager, Racing’s previous experience in Segunda, two seasons ago, has convinced Alfredo Pérez and Pedro Ortiz that it is a category with a market that has nothing to do with Segunda B/Primera RFEF or Primera and they want a true specialist. Romo can be considered an expert in the third tier of Spanish football, in which he has been working for the last seven seasons in six different clubs, but has never been responsible for making a team in the Second Division.

Josemari Amorrortu, here with Pablo Torre and Pedro Menéndez, was the club’s last sports director.

On the other hand, whoever is chosen for the position will know from day one that Racing’s commitment to having players from the academy is firm and that this must be clearly reflected in the first team squad. In addition, the owners are more than satisfied with the structure of La Albericia, headed by César Anievas, Gonzalo Colsa and Ezequiel Loza, and they would like them to continue to lead the Racinguista grassroots football. One of the roles to be played by the new sports director would be that of try to avoid the friction that this year has arisen between Romo and Víctor Alonso, on the one hand, and the leaders of the quarry on the other.

Since Alfredo Pérez and Pedro Ortiz took over the presidency and vice-presidency, respectively, of Racing, after the resignation of Manolo Higuera after the Zubieta debacle, in May 2018, they first chose to give all the sporting power of the first team to Chuti Molina (the rest of the club was not interested), later they swerved and set up a structure around a man much more interested in the quarry than in day to day of the first team, Josemari Amorrortu, and this season, finally, they created a complete structure in the quarry and let the coach make the first team, hand in hand with the CEO. The next campaign, if the ascent is consummated, there will be a new model.

With respect to the continuity of Guillermo Fernández Romo in case of fulfilling the persecuted promotion to Second, there is no debate. Despite the fact that things did not go well with Iván Ania, who was dismissed in November after having been promoted a few months earlier, the club thinks that it is fair to respect the contract and that, in addition, the technician who has fulfilled the objective deserves the opportunity to continue his work in the higher category. On the other hand, nothing in football guarantees the results of one coach or another. Nor the one who could be hired in his place.

Romo, between the president and the vice president on the day of his presentation.