Raúl Sanllehí knows the terrain

The one who will be the new CEO of Real Zaragoza, Raul Sanllehi, He has been in the Aragonese capital this Thursday, a clear sign that his arrival with the group led by Jorge Mas and whom he has advised on the sale of the Aragonese club is much more than a fact. According to some sources, Sanllehí, who has already searched for his residence in the Aragonese capital, has been in Zaragoza today and his stay would have been used by the executive to get to know more on the ground and with different meetings the reality of the Aragonese club.

It should be remembered that on February 24 Sanllehí was already with other representatives of this American investment group and they visited the Romareda and the Ciudad Deportiva. On this occasion, the one who will be the strong man of the new property in the Aragonese club has come alone and as another sign that the SAD purchase process is already in its final stretch. De fact, it is expected that the signing of the part of the capital controlled by the Alierta family, 50.56%, the majority of the SAD, be signed before Tuesday and then the rest of the main minority shareholders, Iribarren, Yarza and Forcén should do so.

profound changes

The new CEO does not have an established script but decisions will be made on the ground. Sanllehí will wait to see first-hand how the entity works to execute its plan. Hence the importance of this visit. It is obvious that there are going to be profound changes, that greater professionalization will be sought and that the figure of the sports director, or technical secretary, because that name can also change, is key, but there is no clear candidate now and neither can the continuity of Miguel Torrecilla, who ends up against in June, but it seems more than probable that he will not continue and that Sanllehí will put in that position a person of his absolute confidence.

The future of Cuartero

And in the same case are other executives of the entity, those responsible for Finance (Mariano Aured), Marketing (Carlos Arranz), Communication (Miguel Gay) or the academy (Ramón Lozano and Ángel Espinosa), bearing in mind that in the new property the commitment to the Sports City is vital and the reports collected are good. Sanllehí is going to be the main person in charge, Jorge Mas’s man in the SAD, and his position is already incompatible with that of Luis Carlos Cuartero, current general director. The profile, career and attributions of both are hardly alike, but they occupy an identical position by nomenclature and the former Zaragoza captain’s days at the club are numbered. He has already threatened with his departure in recent times, especially last November, and his stage in that position, which began in 2016, is coming to an end.

Torrecilla, who arrived in December 2020, ends his contract in June and since February he has been free to negotiate with any club. He has been in the pools to return to Celta, where he had more than one supporter from that return in the bowels of the Vigo club, although in the end that position in the club will be held by an external company under the orders of Luis Campos, and he applied for Levante, a position that Felipe Miñambres already has. The Zaragoza executive is awaiting the landing of the new owners and with him his team, his brother Toño and Javi López, who have been in the Zaragoza technical secretariat since last October, although they have not been officially announced, and Alex Monserrate. In addition, Juan Ignacio Martínez is a bet of the current sports director and signed the permanence last year and, except for a qualifying turn with a ticket to the promotion, his contract also ends in June. His departure in June also seems more than likely.

The new CEO of Real Zaragoza, who was Head of Football at Barcelona for almost 10 years and at Arsenal for nearly three, has many contacts and a wide range of candidates for a position that he deems vital. His closeness to Arturo Canales is well known, a very close relationship considering that Piqué’s agent or Ander was already going to be close to Zaragoza with the option that the youth squad and César Sánchez had to enter the club in the summer of 2019 and in December 2020. In the second, after the departure of Lalo Arantegui, the former goalkeeper was going to be the link between the council and the sports field and Tito Blanco, former Levante technical secretary, would have led that field. Canales, who has an office in Zaragoza, will surely be listened to by Sanllehí, who also has excellent relations with other agents such as Kia Joorabchian or Rodri Baster, the latter head of Promosport. With everythingSanllehí, since 2003 at Barcelona, ​​being sports manager in 2008, and before that at Nike, has more than enough background to only seek that advice in the reality of Zaragoza and then decide accordingly and according to his criteria.