Real Madrid | Betis | Dani Ceballos stands up for his former coach

The midfielder from Utrera always defends Arsenal or Real Betis when he can; not continue at Real Madrid and his future already paints in verdiblanco

Daniel Ceballosfootballer of Real Madridhe is not having his easiest season in the white house, to which he has returned after spending two seasons on loan at the Arsenal from Premier league from England. The former of Real Betis Balompie is not having minutes with Charles Ancelotti as a coach with whom he has only played nine games this season, adding 84 minutes of game.

Despite this circumstance, Daniel Ceballos continues to work, hard and quietly, to have an opportunity that allows him to feel like an important footballer again and with a prominent role in Real Madridalthough it is true that he does not lose sight of what happens both in the Real Betis Balompie as in the Arsenalteams for which he has great affection and in which he has felt like an elite player.

His nods to Real Betis are quite common and well known to all, but a few days ago, Daniel Ceballos He did not miss the opportunity to defend a football professional with whom he has an excellent relationship and who was his coach during his time with the team London.

Dani Ceballos stands up for Mikel Arteta, his former coach at Arsenal

Daniel Ceballos defended through his social networks Mikel Arteta after the criticism focused on the Basque coach with the defeat of Arsenal in front of crystal Palace for a resounding 3-0 on the last day of the Premier league.

The midfielder from Utrera responded as follows to an English journalist. “Friend, let him work, he is very top. He will also take Arsenal to where it deserves to be. Patience”.

The Arsenal is tied for fourth place with Tottenham Hotspurhis eternal rival in the capital of Englandwith 54 pointsbut he has one game less, so he has an advantage in the fight to qualify for the next edition of the UEFA Champions League. competition from which the Arsenal has been absent for several years and to which he can now return thanks to Mikel Artetawhich is establishing and solidifying the pillars of its sports project in the gunslingers.

This is the negotiation between Real Madrid and Real Betis for Dani Ceballos

If nothing goes wrong Daniel Ceballos will return to Real Betis Balompie in the next summer transfer market. Both parties have more than discussed everything for a long time, he was able to return last summer, and now they are waiting to reach a final agreement with the Real Madrid for the transfer of the midfielder who is estimated to be in just under ten million euros.

Daniel Ceballos ends contract with him Real Madrid on 2023 and next summer will be the last where the white club can get an economic return for its sale, this being limited by the proximity of the extinction of the employment relationship.

the winks between Betis and Ceballos they are continuous, as has been seen with Antonio Cordón, general sports director of Betis, who assured that the youth squad and the club were destined to meet in the future. On the other hand, not infrequently Ceballos himself has sent winks to the Verdiblanca fans with his return. It’s all about time.