Real Madrid is ahead of Barcelona and closes the signing of the young goalkeeper Ferran Quetglas

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The Real Madrid has closed the signing of Ferran Quetglas for the next season. The goalkeeper of RCD Majorca He will arrive at the white club after finishing the contract. The FC Barcelona tried to get their services until the last moment through Matthew German.

At 16 years old, Ferran Quetglas is considered the best youth goalkeeper in Spain and the greatest promise for the goal of the Selection in the future. The Balearic is international sub17 and has recently played the Elite Round of the category with the national team. This season, despite his age, he has already sat on the bench of the Mallorca first team in various games.

Ferran Quetglas will join Factory and will be part, initially, of the Junior A from Real Madrid. The white club continues to work to incorporate the most promising Spanish players and the work team under the command of Manu Fernandez Wheat is bearing fruit. With Quetglas, Real Madrid sign the goalkeeper of the future.

The young goalkeeper stands out for his agility and his safety overlooked, due to his large stature, he had drawn the attention of all the big teams. However, Real Madrid has been the fastest to close the deal with the U17 international. The agreement between the white club and the footballer is already closed.

The Barcelona Football Club tried unsuccessfully to sign Ferran Quetglas. It was Mateu Alemany himself, football director of the Catalan team, who tried to hire him through his multiple contacts and influence in Mallorca. However, Real Madrid was quicker and convinced one of the biggest national pearls that their contract was ending this season.

The factory is renewed

Real Madrid has already incorporated two bell signings for the next Juvenil A, since Quetglas is joined by international striker Enrique Herrero after passing through Germany. A team that looks very good and that is very excited for next year and that could reinforce Castilla with guarantees if necessary.

Ferran Quetglas, in a warm-up with the RCD Mallorca first team.

RCD Majorca

At La Fábrica, work is intense planning the next season. Quetglas will not be the last great signing of Real Madrid for his quarry. Manu Fernández Trigo, director of white football, has managed to set up the best network of scouts throughout the national territory and since he took office the club has achieved its first UEFA youth league and one LaLiga promises that hasn’t risen for years.

In addition, the Castile from Raul continues to give joy in a very difficult 1st RFEF and even dreams of competing for promotion to Second division. Recently, for the first white subsidiary, the Brazilian has been signed Vinicius Tobias. Now, the best youth goalkeeper is also added to the quarry. Ferran Quetglas is already from Real Madrid.

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