“So many wallow”, Vélez gave his candidates to lead the Colombian National Team


After the resounding failure in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, Reinaldo Rueda’s position has been the center of attention. Although the coach has not resigned or been fired, he does have his days numbered on the tricolor bench. In the last few hours it became known that the Colombian Football Federation plans to meet in the coming days to evaluate the performance of the technical director (DT) and thus make a decision.

With more chances of leaving, the names to reach the technical direction of Colombia begin to abound. Ricardo Gareca, Marcelo Bielsa, Ramón Díaz, among others, have been the closest foreign men to take the reins. However, on Colombian soil they do not rule out the possibility of following the local product line.

This is at least what the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez has implied, who in the last few hours has given his opinion on the candidates for the Tricolor. in his usual program Big wordsVélez spoke about two specific names: Luis Fernando Suárez and Alberto Gamero.

About the first (Luis Fernando Suárez), Vélez extolled his achievements with the Costa Rican National Team, which is currently fighting for the playoff to Qatar 2022. “The foreign coach is Luis Fernando Suárez, who was not on Costa Rica’s radar. nobody, but as a result of what Luis Fernando has done with Costa Rica, you have to look at it. You have to look at it, nothing more,” he said.

“Since here there is an absolute contempt for what is local and here there is a love for foreign lies, then I know that it is difficult for them to digest that name and surname, but I think the executions support it. Two World Cups, a man who comes and rebuilds a team through a direct message, ”she added.

Luis Fernando Suárez could go to Qatar 2022 – Photo: @fedefutbolcrc and AP

Now, Vélez was more direct regarding the subject of Alberto Gamero, current Millonarios coach who has led the blue institution to fight in Colombia. The journalist was forceful and put the samarium as a serious candidate and made it clear that “so many wallow, that I love that they do it”, he has to put the albiazul technician.

Following this, Vélez attacked those who oppose a possible arrival of Gamero. “This is a racist country. That is duly demonstrated and Gamero, because of his looks, because I don’t know… he sweats a lot, because of his hair, because he has a lot of bracelets on his arms (…) I know that many people are annoyed, but, and what do we do I don’t come here to talk to look good with anyone. No, it’s simple here: Mr. Gamero also qualifies, but I do have an obligation to talk about Gamero”.

Alberto Gamero
Santa Fe and Tolima played in the Colombian soccer semifinal, with Santa Fe winning by points, as the match ended 1-1. Photo Diana Rey Melo – Photo: Diana Rey

As for other names of international stature, Carlos Antonio Vélez also gave their names. To the coffee growers, the journalist assured that Tite, current coach of Brazil and Gareca, coach of Peru, also enter the list of his favorites to keep the Tricolor position.

Closed door to a foreigner

In the last few hours, a new candidate has sounded strong and even from Argentina they have revealed his name and the possibilities of arriving. This is Ramón Díaz, a historic coach who had time in teams such as River Plate, Independiente, San Lorenzo, among others.

Given the possible arrival of the current Al-Hilal coach from Saudi Arabia, the renowned Colombian journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez was blunt, closing the door to this opportunity for the former River coach. “Now they talk about candidates. For example, say Ramón Díaz. Seriously, another bum? We already had here a bum 7 years. I think that is not possible. The truth is, that must be some businessman who is moving around through journalists,” said Vélez.

“That must come from Argentina. I don’t think the Colombian Football Federation has even imagined that name. Well, anything is possible, but I think disqualification is automatic. If not, ask in Paraguay, what did he do, ”he added.

It should be remembered that Díaz’s only experience was from 2014 to 2016, when he led Paraguay, a team that did not go to the 2018 World Cup in Russia by staying in seventh place with 24 units.

With the Guarani, Díaz led a total of 20 games, leaving a balance of 3 wins, 9 draws and 8 losses, data that left a performance of 30%.