Tejero: the best right back and a covered player on the market

Álvaro Tejero, the defender from the Real Madrid youth academy, is signing the best numbers of his last eight seasons and those records place him as the best right back in the Smartbank League. A name that many sports directors already have underlined in red, inside and outside of Spain. At 25 years old, his contract ends in 2024. The Eibar defender, according to Olocip data, is the best right back in the competition so far this season with a value of 6.91. It is followed by Mellot, from Tenerife, with a value of 6.62, and Luis Peréz (Valladolid) 6.32.

The best sides of the SmartBank League, according to the value of Olocip.

Olocip implements artificial intelligence to football and summarizes performance in a value score based on actions that are quantified positively when they cause the transition to a more favorable state for their team, that is, when they increase the probability that their team will score a goal or when the probability of conceding a goal to the rival is reduced. In the case of Tejero, he is leading Éibar in many sections. The defender is the best on his team in terms of crosses, total passes, forward passes, play construction and successful passing. In addition, from a context like that of Éibar in the Smartbank League, he is the fourth best Spanish right-back by value in the entire Olocip database. That is why his market price is growing again, he is a very important asset for the leader of the SmartBank League.

In 2018 Real Madrid loaned Tejero to Albacete, where he was a fixture and his market value reached 2.5 million. In 2019, Éibar took over the rights to him, but since then he has been lowering his price until he was transferred to Zaragoza, where he had a performance value of 0.176 per ninety minutes. Far from the 0.266 of the current season. With his actions he propitiates a goal every four games. His performance has been positively accentuated, especially in the offensive aspect and in the construction of the game. He is the right back with the highest offensive value (1.85), ahead of Luis Pérez, from Valladolid, (1.69).

Photo of Tejero

His performance makes him a more than interesting player for the next market window. Olocip’s prediction places him as an ideal target for many of the Primera teams, having only played two minutes in the top flight as previous experience. You can analyze where it would fit better.

Shield/Flag Eibar

The Valencia It would be a very good option for him. The ten-month prediction yields a total value of 76 out of 100, which means that he would offer Valencia a better performance than 76% of the players in his demarcation; an offensive level of 74 out of 100; an offensive value of 74; a 67 offensive and would go up to a 74 in game construction. At Valencia, playing only half the minutes, he would already go to a market value of 2,523,745, the highest of his entire career.

Predictive analysis of Tejero’s performance in Valencia.

Also appears as very interesting its incorporation for the Quique’s Getafe. With a 76 total value, his offense would grow to 74; the defensive up to 67 (three points more than his current performance) and a 75 in game construction. With the azulón club, ten months from now, he would leave at a market value of 1,901,102 million.

Predictive analysis of Tejero’s performance at Getafe.

For Osasuna would be another good option. With the rojillos in an exactly the same prediction, it would go to values ​​of 76 in total; 73 offensive; 68 defensively and 75 game building, being . In ten months it would become 1,722,788 euros. If Rayo bet on hiring Tejero, they would not be wrong either, according to Olocip’s prediction. With Iraola at ten months he would offer a total value of 76; a 74 defensive, a 64 defensive and a 74 in game construction. The market value of it would become 1,843,573 euros. In Elche the total figure would drop somewhat, he would go to 74, with a defensive 73; a defensive 67 and a 73 in game construction for a price of 1,764,623 million.

Predictive analysis of the performance of Tejero in Osasuna.

A striking case would be that of Cádiz. In ten months as yellow, Tejero would have a value of 2,004,000 with Sergio. His defensive performance would go up to a value of 67, nine points more than the current one. The total would be 75; the offensive would go up to 73 and the game construction would be 74. We must not lose sight of the fact that the highest market value in his career has been 2.5 million.

Predictive analysis of Tejero’s performance in Cádiz.

Even looking above, it can be seen that Tejero would maintain good values ​​in a team like Simeone’s Atletico Madrid. With a total of 76; an offensive 73; a defensive 63 and a 75 in construction of the game in a prediction ten months and on only 50 percent of the possible game minutes. In just that time, Tejero would again reach its price cap, almost 2.5 million. In summary, Eibar would do well to keep a Tejero of this performance and in LaLiga Santander he would be an economical and quality option for many of the teams.

Predictive analysis of Tejero at Atlético de Madrid.