The controversy that arose over the mascot of the women’s Copa América, a mistake or bad intention?


As happened in the men’s CONMEBOL Copa América in Brazil, the women’s contest to be held from July 8 to 30 in Colombia will have as its mascot a fun dog who loves South American soccer.

The design made in both competitions highlight the dog as man’s best friend.

In the tournament won by Messi’s Argentine team, the animated figure received the name of pibe, a very representative word for gauchos and Colombians. For Argentines it is a way of calling children, for coffee growers one of the greatest football idols like Carlos Valderrama. “One of his distinctive features is his tongue that sticks out when he is playing his favorite sport,” said CONMEBOL in his presentation.

Even Pibe, a pandemic mascot, was the protagonist in the ceremony in which he was immunized. The puppy symbolically received the vaccine developed by the Sinovac Biotech Ltd laboratory, official health partner of the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021.

April 28, 2021 was the date on which 50,000 vaccines donated by Sinovach Biotech Ltd arrived for the oldest tournament on the continent that honored all the victims of COVID 19.

It was time for Pibe to enjoy on television. Her sister, Alma, will be the representative of her breed in the women’s Copa América in Colombia from July 8 to 30.

“She is a strong, brave, sociable, fun and passionate dog for soccer. Just like her brother Pibe de ella, she is daring and irreverent whenever it comes to motivating the players and the public”, CONMEBOL said in an official statement after the presentation of the mascot.

As commented in the presentation of the draw, Alma declares herself a very fanatic of soccer, both on and off the field and is also very competitive. “Her friendly personality of hers allows her to make friends everywhere and makes everyone want to play with her. Thus, she is spreading her passion for soccer and making the CONMEBOL Copa América Femenina reach more and more fans, ”said the official organizer of the tournament and they added.

“In the next few days we will know more about Alma, who we will see in Colombia accompanying each match during the CONMEBOL Copa América Femenina that will be played from July 8 to 30 in Cali, Armenia and Bucaramanga. With Alma we will reach every corner of South America, and we will show everything from its stadiums to the intimacy of the tournament and its players.”.

After its presentation, some users on social networks questioned the figure chosen as a pet because they believe that the representative animal is stigmatized with the Colombian woman.

However, many other users welcome the fact that Alma has been chosen as the official mascot and its relationship with the men’s Copa América.

The sports journalist Antonio Casale spoke about it. “I try to think they did it in good faith.”said about the pet.

His running mate at RCN Radio, Carolina Castellanos expressed. “This is where one realizes that the way we communicate a message is VERY important”drafted.

Milena Gimon, a Venezuelan sports journalist currently working for DirecTV Latin America, also expressed her opinion of the mascot. “Look there are animals in the Colombian fauna, eh?”, said.

“OMG They were too smart,” he said @alejopuli on their social networks.

“But if women now call themselves bitches, bichotas, etc… what is the problem?” @gloomkeeper

Even the player Gavy Santos who passed through Santa Fe, Huila, Fortaleza feminine and is in River Plate gave her opinion about it with emoticons that indicate that she did not like the new mascot.

“I feel outraged as a woman! This has no presentation,” he said. @sofigomezg

“What’s wrong with it? With the pet dog of USA 94 they never thought that he could be a very womanizing gringo guy, right? The one who uses them imagines them”, opined @Lord_Darker.

Alma, a strong, brave, sociable, funny and passionate about soccer dog. Like her brother Pibe, who accompanied us at the CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2021, she is daring and irreverent whenever it comes to motivating the players and the public. – Photo: CONMEBOL

This contest will be held from July 8 to 30. The first phase will be in the cities of Armenia and Cali, while the final phase will take place in Bucaramanga.

In the capital of Valle del Cauca, the 2022 Under-20 World Athletics Championships will be held on August 1 and 6, at the Pascual Guerrero and at the Pedro Grajales athletics stadium. These scenarios must be available beforehand as required by the organizing committee.

That is why Cali will have the honor of opening with the game between Colombia and Paraguay. The Alfonso López de Bucaramanga stadium in Santander will host the semifinals and the match that defines the champion.