The scandalous audios that caused Castrilli to leave the Chilean soccer arbitration commission


The audios that put Javier Castrilli in check in the arbitration position of Chilean soccer

January 27 Huachipato won 1-0 against Sports Copapio in the duel corresponding to the second match of the promotion and thus managed to stay in the highest category of Chilean football, after the 3-2 he had won in the first leg. The match played in Talcahuano was resolved by a controversial penalty marked by Chris Martinez and whistled at by the referee Francisco Gilbertwhose viralized audios this week triggered the dismissal of the boss of Chilean arbitration, Javier Castrilli.

In the audios published by DNA Radius, Gilabert remember the dialogue you had with the WHERE in that duel after having charged the foul inside the area. From the cabin they called him because they had warned that there was no infraction, as can be seen in the videos published days later by the Chilean soccer association (ANFP), and that therefore the error had to be corrected. Approaching the monitor, the judge recognized his mistake and warned that he would proceed to charge a corner. Until that moment, everything seemed to be normal, but then something strange happens.

“The VAR calls me, I’m going to see, I see that it’s not a penalty, I’m going to go out with a corner kick and they tell me ‘Francisco! please, one moment He analyzes the shirt. I see the shirt and I see that they are pulling it, but I said ‘I think it’s a game action, I’m going to go with a corner kick’”. But from the VAR, they insisted: ‘Francisco, please analyze the shirt’, and that’s when I understood that something had happened. There was, I don’t know, something weird.”

Gilabert then decided to charge a penalty in favor of Huachipatodespite the fact that moments before he and the cabin had agreed that there was no fault. Martínez scored the goal, the local team won and then stayed in the highest category of Chilean football.


“The game ends and the VAR tells me, ‘Luckily you took the penalty, thankfully you understood us’. ‘But what happened?, ‘They called us from Santiago, that you had to charge a penalty’”. Gilabert, who makes it clear in his audios what happened, acknowledged that he does not know exactly who gave the order for that foul to be called, but he has a firm suspicion: “I thought that (Osvaldo) Talamilla or Castrilli have some play with the eggs from Huachipato. I think it’s the closest.”

After such a scandal, the local newspaper Third reported that ANFP authorities met with Castrilli to inform him that “he would be removed from his duties while the investigation was carried out.” However, “both Castrilli, like Osvaldo Talamilla and Braulio Arenas, the other members of the commission, did not accept, for which they were fired.”.

“We cannot allow football to continue transmitting impunity. We want football to have transparency. It is a magnificent sport, it is the best discipline. We must reduce the possibility of any error ”, had been the words of the former Argentine referee when he assumed his new role in which he did not reach 7 months.

It is worth remembering that the referees union of Chile started a strike in protest against the dismissal of 11 colleagues by decision of Javier Castrillibefore he left his post. The president of the federation, pablo miladHe supported the dismissals and did not rule out hiring foreign judges. The judges decided to take a measure of force and at the moment it is unknown what will happen to the ninth date of the local championship scheduled for the weekend.


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