TODAY THE QUARTER IS NOT LIVE: Tuchel’s harsh self-criticism after Chelsea’s defeat against Real Madrid

Visibly upset and disappointed, Thomas Tuchel appeared in the press room to address the media. The German coach was brutally self-critical after the disaster against Real Madrid. There’s still 90 minutes left, yes. However, playing as in the first leg, it will be impossible to come back.

Things may change in the next few days, and that’s what you expect. Of course, to this day, the tie is not alive. Competing at such a low level, the series is settled in favor of the cast led by Carlo Ancelotti.


“Living playoff? No, not at this time. No. Why isn’t she alive? Because we have to find our level again and I don’t know where it is. After the international break, the first half is a repeat of the second half against Brentofrd. You can’t expect the result with this kind of performance. We have to have things ready for Saturday and not think about the Bernabéu, because on Saturday we face Southampton. And if we continue to play like this, we won’t get a single point.”

In the second half he tried something different (he broke the 3-4-2-1 to play with a line of 4 behind), but the plan was diminished after the error in the lower zone (Mendy against Benzema): “We changed the formation, we wanted to turn things around. Because, personally, I think there were places where we could harm them. But we were very far from what the game demands tactically, individually, physically, in duels. We tried a new formation and we killed the game with a serious mistake 3 minutes into the second half”.

It is difficult for him to understand the defensive slump that his team has had post-FIFA date. And it is that it is the same XI and the same system. “I don’t know if we had the same conversation 5 days ago. We’re talking about the same defensive performance. In the last 5 days we have conceded 7 goals. We didn’t change anything, neither in the lineup nor in the system. It’s alarming because we conceded 7 goals in 5 days, but nothing has changed”.

When asked if the off-field issues that are affecting the club were involved in what happened this Wednesday, the German strategist was blunt: nothing has changed for several weeks, and before the FIFA date they were responding in a great way. The owner thing is no excuse.

“We can play better because I think we found what we could do in the first half. We can exploit these possessions better, we can play much better, we can hurt Real Madrid much more. But we were very far from our level. It’s very disappointing because it’s a night where you need to be ready. As for the circumstances of the change of ownership, I don’t see any differences compared to past weeks, and last weeks we performed. I will not accept that as an excuse. It is time to find an end to this period of losing and conceding goals because we are at a crucial stage of the season”.

Tuchel had the opportunity to retract the phrase ‘the tie is not alive’, and he did not. He kept the line of speech from him. Playing like today, there is no way that they will come out of the Bernabéu unscathed.

“I am more worried about Southampton than Real Madrid. Today, is this alive? No. With this performance, no. Because first we need to play Southampton. And if we don’t adjust our heads and legs, and our mentality, we’re not going to win at Southampton. This series is not alive. If things change, maybe. But how many clubs in the world of football have won needing 3 goals? It doesn’t happen very often. Perhaps it is realistic to respond like this and not think that I am being fatalistic and that I am sending the wrong message. Let’s be honest. We are competitive and we need to find our competitiveness. We can talk later.”

Undefeated data. Thomas Tuchel is the only manager who has been able to qualify for consecutive UEFA Champions League finals with different clubs. In 2020, with PSG. And in 2021, with Chelsea.

Did you know…? Chelsea eliminated Real Madrid in last UEFA Champions League. It was in the semifinals. The aggregate score ended 3-1.