Adriano and the party he threw in Italy with 44 relatives!

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The football world remembers him for his power, musculature and for his brilliant form of goals with the selection of Brazil or the Inter de Milan. The close of adrien rose like foam everything came at once: his debut with Flamengo at the age of 18, his call to the verdeamarela and his signing with a great from the A league.

The then young Adriano fulfilled a dream that very few are capable of achievingto the extent that not even he himself could believe what he was experiencing in that 2001 when he arrived at the dressing room of the Inter de Milan.

“I remember I had just arrived in Italy and I didn’t know what was going on. I was just looking at the guys like, Seedorf. Ronaldo. Zanetti. Awning. Dammit. I’m in awe of these guys, right? Seedorf walking through the locker room shirtless – 7% body fat on this motherfucker! Respect!!”, recalls the Brazilian for Players Tribune.

Nevertheless, adrien I was used to fighting to get ahead, to overcome adversity, so he was making his way in Italian footballwhere he earned the nickname “The emperador”.

A boy from the favela like me? Am I the Emperor of Italy? I hadn’t even done much yet, and everyone treated me like a king. He was crazy.”

The visit of his family

adrien remember that one of the first things he did when he arrived in Italy was to get his family on a plane so that they could visit him, but it was not just any visit, but it was about 44 Brazilians! who arrived in the country of the boot to throw a tremendous party. The best? He had the support of the board of directors of the Inter de Milan.

I remember that all my family came from Rio to visit me, and when I say my familyYou don’t understand what I mean, brother. I mean my family Brazilian style. I’m not just talking about mom and dad, I’m talking about 44 people! Cousins! Aunties! uncles! My children! The whole neighborhood got on that plane.

“So the news reached the president of the club, Mr. Moratti (the legend!) and the Mr. Moratti said: ‘Hey, this is a special moment for the boy. Let’s get a bus for his family’. Moratti had his people secure a full tour bus for them. Can you imagine, 44 Brazilians on tour in Italy? Ha ha ha! It was a scene, brother. It was party time,” he recalls.

What happened to Adriano with the death of his father?

adrien painted to be a true legend of Italian football, but the sudden death of his father changed everything, because it caused a break in his passion for the game.

“‘But Adriano, why did you leave football? Why did you leave us?’ I get this question every time I go back to Italy. You know, sometimes i think i’m one of the most misunderstood footballers on the planet. People don’t really understand what happened to me. They have the story all wrong. It’s very simple, honestly.

“In the span of nine days, I went from the happiest day of my life to the worst day of my life.. I went from heaven to hell. Really”.

What was Hadrian’s life like?

Adriano left Italy and hung up his studs for two years, to later return to the fields in South America; however, he and his career no longer returned to the high standards at which he played.

How does Adriano live today?

In mid-April, a video began to circulate on social networks in which he is seen drinking alcohol and riding a motorcycle in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.