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Alexandre Guimaraes returned to América de Calialmost two years after his departure where he was between the 2019 Finalization Tournament and half of the 2020 Tournament until the first months of the pandemic.

Now the naturalized Costa Rican Brazilian strategist will have to give the group a new look to aspire to qualify among the top eight in the championship and put together a new sports project, which will allow the team to grow accompanied by sports results.

Despite the fact that Guimaraes was very close to being dismissed from its activities in the last months of 2019, the team managed to rebound in the table, qualifying for the finals and winning the title, and later had a good initial presentation in the Copa Libertadores del 2020. These were the keys to ‘Guima’, with which he consolidated the team.

A bow with a lot of security: the scarlet team did not have a highly recognized goalkeeper in Colombian football with Neto Volpi, who was beginning to be resisted by the scarlet fan at that time, but with Alexandre’s process, the Brazilian raised his level and was decisive when the team required.

The consolidation of the defense: the defensive defense had been having problems especially with the central defenders, Marlon Torres and Juan Pablo Segovia, who did not complement each other. With the arrival of the Brazilian, both managed to raise their level and ended up being the best in the league. On the wings there was inconsistency, especially on the right side with a lot of alternation between Daniel Quiñones and Juan Pablo Zuluaga, while on the left Edwin Velasco grew stronger as the weeks went by.

The midfield was the best of the team: Perhaps it was the area that had the best performance during the entire Guimaraes era, with three immovable pieces with Luis Alejandro Paz, Rafael Carrascal and Carlos Sierra, three players who had different tasks, but from the collective they helped to have that connection between the defenders and attack men.

An explosive attack: of that team it was also highlighted that they had quite a goal and explosiveness on the sides, supported by their wings on some occasions. At the extremes were Matías Pisano and Duván Vergara, and on some occasions the change was presented with Yesus Cabrera, managing to supply striker 9 with balls, who was Michael Rangel, who perhaps had his best sporting stage in América de Cali, managing to the scorer award; With Guimaraes, the team ceased to be dependent on the striker and if he was not in his afternoon, the midfielders, from their individual qualities or mid-range shots, were essential to get several important points.

Now the coach finds an almost totally new group, having to plan his strategies and formations very well, taking the referents as a starting point, in addition to relying on the players he has already managed in the past such as Torres, Paz, Sierra, Joel Graterol and Adrián Ramos where these last two, he could only have them for a couple of weeks.

Juan Andres Arias Arias
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On Twitter: @AriasJuan_15