Buffon’s surprising welcome and coach Conte’s advice to raise the public: Tevez’s revelations about his time at Juventus

The Apache spoke with the official channel of the Turin team and left several pearls

Carlos Tevez was visiting Inter Milan training, current champion of Serie A, as part of his stay in Italy where he will join Juventus Senior football. After having witnessed last Sunday the classic that Juventus lost precisely against Inter (1-0) in Turin, the Apache moved this Thursday to the Neroazzurro training center in the town of Appiano Gentile.

Tevez observed the practice of the squad led by Simone Inzaghi and greeted Javier Zanetti, vice president of the club and former teammate in the Argentine team, the Argentines Lautaro Martínez and Joaquín Correa and the Chilean Arturo Vidal, with whom he played at Juve. According to the note published on the portal of the sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello SportTevez will continue his tour of other Italian clubs since he intends to be a coach after leaving Boca Juniors as a footballer in June of last year.

In addition, the official account of Juventus shared an interview with Carlos Tevezwho made several revelations about his time in the cast of Turin. Among them, he gave a particular definition of Juventus as an institution and how was the reception given by a historic player like Gianluigi Buffon. In addition, he remembered the debut and the first talk with Antonio Conte, the coach. His gratitude to President Agnelli and the goal he remembers the most with the Turin team shirt.

Carlos Tevez returned to Juventus to play for the Senior team. He visited the dressing room of the current Serie A team and greeted the players and other former teammates of his.

“When I arrived at Juve, I thought I was coming to a totally different club than what I imagined. Later I realized that it is a very big club, but a neighborhood one. In a Juve fan, you see the street reflected. In the institution I left a little of my heart. Putting on the club shirt is very nice… Putting on Del Piero’s 10 was an extra for me”, admitted Carlitos.

And he told an anecdote with the experienced goalkeeper: “The first day Gigi (Buffon) welcomes me: she grabs my head and says ‘how are you, big one?’ For me it was very strong and, from the first day, the commitment was totally different”.

Tevez reviewed his career and also spoke about his debut. At this point, he remembered the first words the coach gave him. “The first match, Conte knew of my desire and he told me: ‘To the first ball you go, go with all your might, because that way the people are going to get up’. No sooner said than done, in the first one-on-one that I went to dispute, people got up and it was a different atmosphere”.

“I always tried to do my best for Juventus. It was the club that understood me when I said I wanted to go back home (for Boca Juniors), close to my parents and siblings. At no time did he oppose my decision, that is why I am grateful, to the people, to the president Andrea (Agnelli)”, he said about that decision to return to Argentina in 2015 and after losing the Champions League final with Barcelona.

And he highlighted the attitude of the top manager of Juventus: “One of the presidents who touched me and kept his word the day he told me he was going to accompany me to the plane if we reached the Champions League final. I will always be grateful to Juventus, because they understood me at all times. They are my heart too, they took me to be great. And when I decided to go home, they hugged me tight and understood me at all times.”

To finish, Carlitos chose your favorite goal with the jacket of Old ladyhe hides an emotional choice. “It is difficult to choose a goal. As I said before, I have always played with my heart at Juve. That’s why it’s hard to find one. I prefer the one from Borussia, one of the most important, and with the one from Parma, because my dad was at the stadium. I have always played for him. So when he came, he was my first fan. He came and I became the child who played in the neighborhood, with him watching me play. That night was very special, he had just scored a spectacular goal”.

“The love that the fan has for me, the one that he gave me every day, was what I needed to later give him what I gave him: my heart. Going back to Juve brought very nice sensations, which I had stored in my heart. It’s hard to explain… Here I have left a little of my heart”, concluded Carlos Tevez, who left a very pleasant memory at Juventus.


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