Guaireña vs. Medellin LIVE (2-2) | 04/07/2022


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match statistics

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End the match

Guaireña and Deportivo Independiente Medellín tied 3-3, the goals were from Mario Otazú at minute 6′, Pablo Ayala at minute 56′ and an own goal by Juan Guillermo Arboleda at minute 65′ for Guaireña, Independiente Medellín’s goals were from Luciano Pons at minute 33′, Adrián Arregui at minute 38′ and Juan Cuesta at minute 90+1′.

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Minute 90+1′ | GOOOLLL

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL from Independiente Medellín, Juan Cuesta did after the assistance of Luciano Pons.

21:15 24 minutes ago

Minute 85′

Medellín completely dominates the possession of the ball, but after Guaireña’s defensive positioning, he cannot reach

21:12 27 minutes ago

Minute 81′

Goal kick for Guaireña three a distant shot from Medellín that goes wide over the goal.

21:10 29 minutes ago

Minute 77′

Medellin’s approach after the center from the left flank that barely manages to connect from Cabeza Luciona Pons,

21:05 34 minutes ago

Minute 73′

After falling behind in the scoring, Medellín stopped all his men in the rival field and tried to reach the goal through filtered passes.

20:59 40 minutes ago

Minute 69′

Despite Medellín dominating possession of the ball, they cannot reach the last quarter of the field to generate danger in the rival goal.

20:57 42 minutes ago

Minute 65′ | GOOOLLL

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL by Guaireña, it was an own goal by Juan Guillermo Arboleda.

20:49 an hour ago

minute 60′

After receiving the equalizing goal, Medellín took back the initiative of the game and for a large part of his men in the rival field.

20:45 an hour ago

Minute 56′ | GOOOLLL

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL from Guaireña, Pablo Ayala did it after the shot with his right leg inside the area.

20:43 an hour ago

Minute 53′

Approach of Independiente Medellín after Adrián Arregui’s long shot that went wide to the right of the goal.

20:37 an hour ago

Minute 49′

Free kick for Guaireña near the Medellin area for a foul on Godoy.

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Start the second half

At the moment Independiente Medellín prevails 1-2 over Guaireña.

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First half stats

20:20 an hour ago

45+3′ End of the first half

The first period ends. Medellín wins 2-1 in Defensores del Chaco. Five minutes were enough for him to accelerate and come back.

20:19 an hour ago

45 + 3 ‘Guaireña had it!

Rosalino Toledo misses it. Shot inside the area that went near the right post.

20:17 an hour ago

45+1′ BALL TO THE STICK! Medellin was saved

Shot by Otazú on a free kick that crashed into the crossbar.

20:16 an hour ago

45′ additional time

Three more minutes will be played in the first half.

20:14 an hour ago

43 & # 39; DIM had it again!

Center by Jean Pineda headed by Andrés Cadavid, but the ball went very close to the left post.

20:13 an hour ago

41 & # 39; Medellin had it!

Adrián Arregui hit a deep ball for Juan David Mosquera, who crossed from below and Luciano Pons couldn’t get there.

20:10 an hour ago

38′ GOOOAAAL for Medellin

ADRIAN ARREGUI! The captain took a powerful shot after a ball that Luciano Pons combed after a cross from the right. He quickly traced the DIM.

20:09 2 hours ago

37′ Change in Medellin

Felipe Pardo enters instead of Víctor Moreno, who left injured.

20:05 2 hours ago

33′ GOOOAAAL for Medellin

LUCIANO PONS! The Argentine shakes the home team’s goal after a ball sent by Juan David Mosquera that the defense could not reject. The game is tied.

20:02 2 hours ago

30′ Yellow card

Jordan Santacruz was booked in Guaireña.

19:59 2 hours ago

25 & # 39; Tangled match for DIM

The 1-0 remains on the scoreboard. The powerful approached with a deflected shot by Luciano Pons.

19:53 2 hours ago

20 & # 39; Medellín does not play a good game

Medellín holds the ball, but lacks someone who can break the rival’s defensive lines.

19:50 2 hours ago

15′ First quarter of the match

The scoreboard does not move after Guaireña’s goal. Medellín has the ball, but it is difficult to get into the block that his rival has put together.

19:44 2 hours ago

10 & # 39; Guaireña continues to win

The local team continues to control the game for now, which already with the goal achieved, begins to delay its lines.

19:39 2 hours ago

6′ GOAL for Guaireña

Apparently there was a foul on Germán Gutiérrez in the middle of the field, but the referee did not whistle and on the counterattack, Mario Otazú shot hard and high to the right post to open the scoring.

19:37 2 hours ago

5′ First minutes

The party is not armed yet, little to highlight.

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start the match

The match between Guaireña and Medellín begins at the Defensores del Chaco Stadium.

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Referee team

Referee: Augusto Menendez – Peru
Assistant No.1: Enrique Pinto – Peru
Assistant No.2: Victor Raez – Peru
Fourth referee: Roberto Perez – Peru

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Teams on the field

The players from Guaireña and Medellín come out onto the pitch at Defensores del Chaco.

19:30 2 hours ago

Main formation – Medellin

Luis Vazquez; Juan Guillermo Arboleda, Andrés Cadavid, Victor Moreno, German Gutiérrez; Javier Méndez, Adrian Arregui, David Loaiza, Jean Pineda, Juan David Mosquera; Luciano Pons.

19:29 2 hours ago

Main formation – Guaireña

Hector Espinola; Aquilino Giménez, Jordan Santacruz, Miguel Paniagua, Joel Giménez; Mario Otazú, Jose Aguilar, Rosalino Toledo, Richard Salinas; Pablo Ayala, Yeiber Murillo.

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This is how Defensores del Chaco has looked during the day

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Summoned – Medellin

19:25 2 hours ago

Summoned – Guaireña

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News – Medellin

From the traveling list to Paraguay, the presence of Vladimir Hernández stands out, who returns to the team’s concentration, after almost a month of inactivity. Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo and José Hernández Chávez will not be present due to injury.

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News – Guaireña

The most important novelty on the payroll in Guaireña is the absence of Antonio Marín who suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligamentdistention of the internal collateral ligament and complex tear of the external meniscus of the right knee, a serious injury that will leave him out of the courts for at least seven months.

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We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Guaireña and Medellín for group E of the Copa Sudamericana 2022.

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What time is Guaireña vs Independiente Medellín?

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Outstanding player in Independiente Medellín

One of those to take into account in independent Medellín is Adrián Arregui, the 29-year-old central midfielder, who has played 13 games so far in his local league, in all the games he already has three goals.

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Outstanding player in Guaireña

One of the most outstanding players in Guaireña is Richard Salinas, the 26-year-old midfielder has played seven games so far in his local league, in that number of games he already has two goals and two assists.

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News – Independent Medellin

Independiente Medellín has been performing well so far in its local league, because after playing 14 games it is in fourth place in the standings with 25 points, this after winning eight games, drawing one and losing five.

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News – Guaireña

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The match between Guaireña and Independiente Medellín will take place at the Defensores del Chaco Stadium in the City of Asunción (Paraguay), this stage is where the Paraguayan Soccer Team plays its home games, it was built in 1916 and has a capacity for Approximately 42,350 spectators.

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