Interview with the signing of Dépor in the winter market, the Sevillian winger Álvaro Rey

This Thursday, April 7, marks the 18th anniversary of the epic distance from Dépor to Milan. At that moment, Alvaro Rey (Sevilla, 1989) sang the A Coruña goals with his father and brother without imagining that he would wear that shirt that arouses so much sympathy in his land.

This Andalusian winger arrived at Deportivo in the winter market after having been about to join the Herculean club on two previous occasions, although injuries have not allowed him to show his full potential. Dépor’s number 21 shirt is clear that Borja Jiménez’s team will be promoted to Second Division and he dreams of scoring the promotion goal, as he reveals to us in this video interview given to TheUncheck.

-18 years ago while you were watching Dépor’s comeback against Milan with your father and brother, I imagine you weren’t considering wearing this shirt?

-Just today Dépor uploaded that memory of the 4-0 to Twitter and the truth is that it is a moment that I remember very well, I was watching it with my family and it was a match in which, although we were not Dépor fans, we sang the goals as if we were because it was a Spanish team and a historic deed.

-There is a lot of affinity between sevillismo and sportsmanship, why do you like Dépor so much down there?

-Yes Yes. The ultras of Dépor and Sevilla have been twinned for a long time. I have friends in the Biris and they are very friendly with the Riazor Blues. And I think that Dépor is a club that without much noise has been there winning the Cup in the field of Madrid, La Liga… It had a moment when it was a club that got into the fight of the greats without making any noise and In addition, it is a club with exemplary fans that always support their team no matter how the result goes and I think that, in the end, is why Dépor also likes it so much. He has an incredible hobby. That you put 20,000 people in Second B I don’t think that has ever been seen. That is why Dépor is loved.

“Depor is a club with exemplary fans who always support their team regardless of the result”

-Going back to the beginning, what you were clear about was dedicating yourself to football and I think your father had something to do with it…

-My father played football, he has not become a professional at all, but he always played at the level of Third and Second B and, obviously, I think it is in my genes, that desire to be a footballer. The truth is that my family, both my mother and my uncles and everyone in general, have always supported me since I was little and have made a great effort so that I, thank God, have been professional.

-And, furthermore, you have been in many places, not only in Spain but also in Greece, Poland, the USA, Bolivia. How are you at languages?

-They are always experiences that you have to live. I left Spain very young, when I was 23 years old I went to the United States and when you leave so young you already have another experience, another culture and another way of seeing football. And like when I went to the US the experience was good because when I had another opportunity to go abroad I also went out and yes you learn languages ​​although Polish and Greek unless you are there every day I think you don’t learn. I speak English more or less and they are also things that you take from football.

-And what about the Galician?

I get it because it’s not that hard either. If I read it I understand everything perfectly. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to pronounce it, but reading anyone knows it.

Álvaro Rey during a match with Dépor in Riazor (Photo: RCD).

-When you were presented with Dépor you commented that you had an “idyll” with the blue and white team, that you had already flirted other times. Continuing with that love simile, how is the Deportivo-Álvaro Rey relationship right now?

-Well, it’s been a while since ‘I’m coming, I’m not coming, I’m coming, I’m not coming’ and, look, it happened, finally. The third time was the charm. Yes, it is true that these months have been a bit difficult in quotes because the team has been in the worst streak since I arrived, I have had an injury, I have not entered one hundred percent… It is true that it is costing a bit, but I fully trust this team. I know what we can give, I know the quality and I am very sure that next year we will be in the Second Division.

“I am very sure that next year we will be in the Second Division”

-You have had bad luck with injuries after your arrival, does it bother you that sportsmanship has not yet been able to see your best version?

-Yes, in that sense I am a little disappointed with myself to put it in some way because from the first time that Dépor wanted me and I was at Mirandés they had many expectations of me and those expectations they had of me now I am not fulfilling them . I am a very self-critical person with myself but I also know perfectly well the type of player I am, I know what I can give to the team and I am very sure that now that ‘we play the potatoes’ as they say in my land, I am going to be at the one hundred percent and I will help the team in whatever they need. I really want to do well, for the team to go up, for this club to be promoted to the Second Division at least, although it should already be in the First Division and that is the main objective. Whether or not things turn out later for each player is secondary, the important thing is that the club achieves the goal of promotion and hopefully I will be an important piece in this last stretch.

-I think that one of your best memories as a footballer is your debut in the Second Division, a category that you know well. Do you want to return to it? What is Álvaro Rey’s path to return to the Second Division with Dépor?

-Just before coming here I had an offer from the Second Division and I rejected it because I thought that coming to Dépor is a unique opportunity for me despite being in the First RFEF. I did not see that Dépor was in the First RFEF, I have seen that Deportivo de La Coruña is and then I opted for this club because I think that any player in my situation would have chosen Dépor because, as I have always said, not everyone can say I have played for Deportivo de la Coruña. I opted for this option because Borja also knows me well.

“I’m a bit disappointed in myself because they had a lot of expectations of me and those expectations now I’m not meeting.”

Precisely, you feel privileged to know Borja and have that trust with him…

-I coincided with Borja for a year and luckily everything went well. We had a good season and got promoted with Mirandes and, in the end, the coaches (not just Borja) when a player has paid him off in previous years does coincide with him the next few years because he pulls on him because he knows him and it usually happens in football. I was also about to come to Dépor when he was at Mirandés and Borja wasn’t here, this year, in the summer I was also about to come. Now in January, obviously, I have also come partly thanks to Borja because he knows me, he knows the kind of player I am and what I can contribute to the team.

-Although other Dépor coaches also wanted to have Álvaro Rey in A Coruña

-Yes, when I was about to come when I was at Mirandés Fernando Vázquez was there, it was the year that Dépor relegated and I was about to come in January. I almost didn’t come, I stayed at Mirandés because we were having a good time both in the League and in the Cup, but what I understand is that Fernando Vázquez wanted me for that winter market.

“The coaches when a player has performed in previous years, yes it coincides with him the next years because it pulls him”

-Going back to Borja Jiménez, you who know him well, how do you see him especially on a mental level because the last few weeks have not been easy at all…

-He is a very self-demanding person, who demands a lot from the team, from the players, he is very perfectionist and it is normal that after a season that was going so well that he is escaping due to specific details or because the team has not given what he wanted is a bit frustrating. He has been doing an incredible job all season and it is true that the team is not doing well right now in the last two months but I think there is no need to doubt his work because he has also shown in other teams that he has done a nice job. The players are happy with him and we are all in the same boat.

-You mentioned it before and in that almost all of us agree that there is soccer potential for Dépor to rise but it seems there has been a mental block. Do you notice the heads already unlocked even though Celta B happened?

-I think that against Celta B when we were better, Quiles was expelled and I think that if the game had been eleven against eleven I think we would win because the feeling we had was that we would win the game. And what the team also needs is the feeling of winning that Dépor had before I came, that it was a very rocky team, that won, that did not lose, that gave the feeling that it was always going to add up and now we have lost that balance and that regularity of winning three, four games and that is what is going to give us confidence in the face of this final stretch.

“After a season that was going so well that it’s getting away from him due to specific details or because the team hasn’t given what he wanted, it’s a bit frustrating for Borja”

-Although Lezama, the next stage and against the Athletic subsidiary is not an easy field but winning there is essential to recover that regularity you speak of…

-Yes, playing against a subsidiary is always complicated because they are players who are hungry to reach professional football but we are Deportivo, we are second and from now to the end of the season our goal is to win all the games because we are the best in the league. category and we have to win whatever field it is. Obviously, we are going to find ourselves in a difficult match like all the ones we have until the end of the season, but if we are well and plugged in, I think we can win Sunday’s match.

Álvaro Rey training with his teammates at Riazor (Photo: RCD).
Álvaro Rey training with his teammates at Riazor (Photo: RCD).

“I sign right now to play all the games badly but to score the goal of the game that we promoted”

Álvaro Rey is clearly very connected and, perhaps, the image we have so far of Álvaro Rey is not the real image, can you still bring a lot of joy to sportsmanship?

-God willing. What I want most. Look what I’m telling you, I’m signing right now to play all the games badly but to score the goal in the game that got us promoted. I really want to feel like myself again and show what kind of player I am. It is true that there are a lot of fans here who know me, who have seen me play and know what I can give, but there are others who had expectations of me because of what was talked about on social networks and, perhaps, I have not shown those expectations high that I brought and I understand perfectly that you doubt me a little. I understand, I’m here to turn the situation around. I know the type of player I am, the experience I have, I know my teammates well and when I feel two hundred percent that I am finding it little by little in training I am sure that I will perform and we will be promoted. I’m pretty sure.

“I perfectly understand that you doubt me a little. I understand, I’m here to turn the situation around”

Álvaro Rey, footballer for Deportivo de la Coruña (Photo: RCD).
Álvaro Rey, footballer for Deportivo de la Coruña (Photo: RCD).