investment of 12 million in sports city and…

Burgos CF begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After the previous property, the Caselli family, left last summer leaving a debt of 10 million, the promotion to LaLiga has largely saved the viability of the club. Now, with CVC funds, they are even projecting their future, and there “the priority is a sports city,” says Nacho San Millán, vice president of Burgos CF, to 2playbook. In total, the club’s infrastructure investment plan will be around 12 million euros in the medium term. Almost half will be contributed by LaLiga Impulso.

The investment fund will send a total of 6 million to Burgos. For the sports city, the management has budgeted 4 million eurosbetween the purchase of the plot where the complex will be built and the works. “We have already looked at some land. We are looking for something close to the city, with an area of ​​100,000 square meters”, says the manager.

In addition to several soccer fields, Burgos is studying the development of a residence for the quarry. The objective is very clear: “We want the talent of Burgos to stay here,” he says. Of the 4.2 million euros that it will allocate to infrastructure –70% of the funds from CVC–, the black and white club will also make room for the renovation of El Plantío.

The municipally owned stadium will continue to be managed by Burgos CF for the next 40 years, following the renewal of the agreement with the City Council in 2021. For the improvements of the field, the club reserves between 7 million and 8 million euros. “If permanence is achieved, we want to remodel the grandstandas we have already done with the funds”, advances San Millán.

The club projects a company club, more VIP boxes and restaurants to add new income

To this will be added more VIP boxes for companies or a cafeteria to offer restaurant service. “One of the projects is a team companies club” –adds the vice president–, in line with what some of its competitors in LaLiga SmartBank have already done, such as FC Cartagena. Murcians obtain 600,000 euros in this way thanks to their 200 local business partners.

“A stadium can no longer be used only once every 15 days,” emphasizes San Millán, who acknowledges that the board of directors is studying potential projects both for the expansion of day-to-day services and for the improvement of the stadium experience. fan on game days.

Likewise, a new store will be inaugurated soon in El Plantío, in alliance with Adidas, its technical sponsor, which will continue in 2022-2023. It will also continue as main sponsor the insurer Reale, who has signed with Burgos for two seasons after his promotion to professional football.

“Key” signings for the management of the club

With the remaining 30% of CVC, Burgos will be able to use it in equal parts to increase its salary limit and reduce debt. For now, “we have only used part for the debt.” Of the 10 million euros of liabilities left by the Argentinian Caselli family, “7 million are short term”explained last September to 2playbook the new general director of the club, Diego Martínez.

To Martínez, formerly of the economic control area of ​​​​LaLiga, the incoming board of directors proposed that he return to his hometown to save his team. “For us, the signings we made, with Diego (Martínez) and others, have been very important,” says San Millán. The vice president considers the work of the executive team “key” “when we find what we find there.”

San Millán is part of a board of directors made up of five local businessmen, investors in the Yucon companythe same with which they control the equipment of their land. The president of the club is Rodrigo Santidrián, and Miguel Ángel Benavente, Jesús Martínez Nogal and Julián Alonso (president of the Burgos CF Foundation) join as directors.

In the summer, professionals were hired for the press, marketing or commercial department to make up a team of 12 people. San Millán, who describes the off-field season as “very intense”, but “at the same time, exciting”, highlights that when we got to professional football “we have seen the reality: here the clubs are like companies”.

The vice president, in addition, hopes to expand the projection of Burgos CF in the city. Whether as a promoter of tourist attractions, as a member of LaLiga, or promoting local sport: “We intend to be the epicenter, adding agreements with other disciplines.” Among the potential alliances, rugby and handball, among others. Already in 2022-2023, “what is certain is that the women’s team – today it has a presence with an agreement with Nuestra Señora de Belén – will compete as Burgos CF”.

Budget of 10 million for 2021-2022

For this season, the board drew a budget of 10 million euros for the club. With the return of the public, and its almost 8,000 subscribers, hopes to attract 1.4 million of euros. To this will be added one million euros for the commercial area.

However, as is the case with a good part of the LaLiga SmartBank clubs, the big leg of the business will come from television, for which Burgos will enter 6 million euros this campaign. “We have gone up at the perfect time,” says San Millán.