Luis Suárez says goodbye to the Champions League with 2 offers

No one can doubt today that Diego Pablo Simeon was one of the key factors that convinced Luis Suárez to accept the proposal of the Atletico Madrid in 2020 once FC Barcelona had informed him that they did not have him. The Argentine coach showed a lot of interest in fishing for the striker and in this way the rojiblanco team took over the player’s services through a contract for two campaigns.

However, although in his first year as a mattress striker, Suárez’s numbers were admirable in the scoring section, 21 goals registeredthis campaign his performance has suffered a heartbreaking detachment for his interest and those of the team, partly boosted by the exceptional level of João Félix.

The Uruguayan striker has barely had opportunities in this 2022 and his departure from the athletic team does not admit any type of doubt despite the fact that there are still two months of competition left. And this is where the great novelty of these lines lies, since Suárez has two highly surprising offers in Turkey to continue his sports career and, who knows, whether to venture into one last experience at a professional level as a player: Besiktas and Fenerbahçe are after him.

Apparently, these two Ottoman giants are willing to offer a new opportunity to the Uruguayan striker from 35 years knowing that his physical and competitive state has generated many doubts in recent months, something for which Simeone is depriving him of many minutes and for what has been questioned on some occasions during the preceding seasons.

That yes, the consequences of this movement, if it is that Luis Suárez sees with good eyes the predisposition of Besiktas and Fenerbahçe to incorporate him, they would not be noted: He would say goodbye to the top-level football to which he has been linked since he arrived at Liverpool in 2014 from Ajax and, in addition, he would not have the opportunity to fight to win the Champions League, the great desire of the South American since he reaped his first big eared in 2015 with Barca.

More offers present

Of course, although the interest from Turkish lands has been a great surprise, It should be noted that Suárez also has other teams closely monitoring his situation, such as Aston Villa or Inter Miami.