Premier League: Tuchel: “I needed a huge amount of chocolate to be able to watch the match against Real Madrid again”

Hoh who solves the breakups and the bad times with a chocolate binge and trying that the sensation of happiness and tranquility that it releases helps them to forget their ills. But then they are the trainersthat even if they don’t want to and even if they have a shipment of gargantuan chocolate they have to face the video to revive, now far from the grass, the shipwreck.

That’s what happened to Thomas Tuchel the other night. The Chelsea manager studied and reviewed the defeat of his team against Real Madridan exercise that, as he himself has revealed, was anything but restorative.

Goal by Benzema (0-1) in Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

Being angry all night is quite unusual, yes.“, acknowledged Tuchel, who recounted how the hours after the first leg of the quarterfinals were: “But that feeling lasted. I watched the game again and got angry at home, in the middle of the night, and the next morning I saw him again and I got angry again“.

The German coach resorted to chocolate, although despite this the viewing of 1-3 was similar to torture for him: “You sit there in the middle of the night… and the amount of chocolate he needed was immense to watch the game again and calm down It’s not nice, you start writing and writing and writing and at some point you press the button to watch it at double speedjust to make it go by faster, and then you know it’s not sitting well with you. At some point you have to stop and take a walk to the kitchen or living room and calm down.”

Goal by Benzema (1-3) in Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

The analysis of what went wrong against Madrid

Tuchel reflected almost minute by minute on the match and unfolded his analysis before the press: “In the first minute I saw spaces that we didn’t take advantage of. We do not attack the space that was open and where we want to play. Then we did. Then we stop doing it. Then we did it again, and I thought maybe we’re getting into the game because we’re nervous, but we wait another five minutes, another 10 minutes. It was a bit of ups and downs. I never had the feeling of saying “we are doing what we want to do”they made us yield less. Maybe they tricked us with their style to do something we’re not used to.”

Tuchel: “With this result the tie is not alive”

And reflected on the work of seeing the meeting again on video: “It was not pleasant to watch, but it’s good to do it because it makes you process it and clearly understand what the message should be, not being general but more specific. We found some things. sleep a little late, But it’s not the first bad game we’ve analyzed, and sometimes you need to investigate”.

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep because of the excitement. It helps to watch it even if you don’t like it. Then you come and watch it with the staff, share your thoughts and impressions. make, And then you try to catch up on lost sleep the next afternoon“, Tuchel concluded about his bad night after 1-3.