Sainz prepares the ground and Alonso surprises


It may seem crazy to get up at 5:00 in the morning (Spanish time) to follow Free Practice 3 of the Australian GP this Saturday. Or at 8:00 a.m. to see the classification. But believe me, it can be worth it. Or so it seems after what was seen on the first day of free practice held this Friday at melbournein it Albert Park Circuitwith Carlos Sainz leaving very good feelings, preparing the ground in FP2 for a day that could be very big for him, and a Fernando Alonso which exhibited an unexpected performance of its Alpine.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And F1 seems like a main course for this Saturday, and of course, for Sunday, after Ferrari once again showed its great strength this Friday and that Verstappen his speed was sensed. A new battle is coming between Leclerc, who led the Free 2, Verstappen (2nd) and Carlos Sainz (3rd). Do not be guided by the exact positions of these second training sessions. It seems that the third time may be the charm for Carlos. His start was promising in Melbourne and he could already be in contention for everything.

Final classification of Free Practice 2 of the Australian GP of F1 2022


The Spaniard once again aspires to achieve his first pole position and his first victory in F1. He seems to do it with more weapons than in the first two races. He suffered without going comfortable in Bahrain and was second. He stepped forward in Jeddah which allowed him to brush the pole but not be able to match the race pace of his two opponents. He knew exactly what he needed to improve and he wanted to join that fight as soon as possible. And with no more time to waste, Carlos Sainz’s start in Australia was promising in that regard. The Madrilenian could be in the ointment. But for this he must finish the job.


Carlos Sainz, at the 2022 F1 Australian GP

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I assure mark gene in ‘DAZN F1’. The Catalan of ferrariwith access to radio and data, he confirmed that Sainz could put in his best weekend, that he was comfortable with the car and that he could approach his best level judging by his start. And the best example of this is that he was initially Charles Leclerc the one who had to consult the telemetry of Charles to correct things. He set the tone from the start, being faster than Leclerc in Free Practice 1, and he was also faster against the Monegasque in his first qualifying simulation time in Free Practice 2 despite having to abort his first attempt and do it on his fourth lap rubber. Subsequently, the Spanish continued to be superior, until Leclerc finally overtook Carlos with a subsequent great lap in which he joined all his sectors, marked later than that of Carlos, who did not respond. He wants to do it in the ‘qualy’.

Tight fight for pole

The fight against the clock this Saturday between Leclerc Y sainz it can be exciting. But the main question is knowing how much is saved Verstappen with his Red Bull. Theoretically, the remodeling of the layout favors those of Milton Keynes because a chicane was removed for a deep area. Red Bullwith higher points, seemed favorite in that aspect, and although Ferrari led both sessions, seeing Max being second at 0″245 from Leclerc without being the fastest in the second sector, should be indicative of the much power that is being reserved Max to go for pole this Saturday.


Leclerc, at the 2022 F1 Australian GP

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Despite the favoritism of Red Bull, the drivers found less grip than expected, which could benefit Ferrari and make Red Bull have to put a little more load that takes some speed on the straight. It will be a matter of details, such as the tires. Red Bull It seems to degrade the soft tire more, the softest compound in the Pirelli range. The one who does not take care of the rubber can reach the end of his fast lap attempt without a tire to the last corner. happened to Verstappen on his first attempt and had to abort, notice how much he and most will have to take care of the wheels.

Alonso is fourth

Alpine It left very good feelings at the beginning, but it is only Friday. The French car has fought in the first two rounds to lead the middle zone and be the third best car, and in Melbourne it seems to be doing better. Alonso was fourth and Or with He was sixth, but everything can change this Saturday when everyone turns on their engines. At the moment, it seems that Fernando gained some extra position by further squeezing the potential of his new engine (the third in three races), as he was the fastest behind the two Red Bulls in the second sector and the fastest in the third sector. However, Alpine was already the third best car in pure performance at Jeddah and in Australia it can make it strong with its straight line speed. The Gallic team opts for a great result.


Fernando Alonso, at the 2022 F1 Australian GP

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Alpine the goal is set to put his two cars in Q3 and perhaps opt for fifth and sixth place with Alonso Y Or with. His great rivals must be bootswith the Alfa Romeoand we will have to see if it can be Mercedesthat this Friday was far behind, with Russell 11th and hamilton in the 13th place. McLaren It seems that he took a step forward, with norris 8th and Rucciardo in 10th position, looking for Q3 this Saturday in a middle area that will once again be very tight.