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Santa Fe liked it, scored and shone in its classification to the round of 16 of the BetPlay Cup. Deportivo Pasto tried to reach José Silva’s premises, but the defensive back was very attentive to avoid any volcanic attack, in addition to a great performance by José Silva, so much so that he even saved a penalty when the game was 1-0 in favor of the santafereños. Defensive strength and hunger for goals were key to the resounding victory and their ticket to the next round of the competition.

With a mixed payroll, Independiente Santa Fe thrashed Deportivo Pasto three goals to nil and obtained a comfortable 4-0 overall result in their favor due to the minimal difference they left in Nariño. The Cardinals had the return of Dairon Mosquera, who had the captaincy since the start of the match, and Leonardo Pico returned to a call adding minutes in the complement.

There were several keys to victory, and in FUTBOLRED we analyzed the cardinal classification:

Defensive solidity: Santa Fe consolidated a defense made up of five guards ahead of the goalkeeper, José Silva. Edwin Herrera replaced the youth player, Santiago Tamayo who made his debut in Pasto, the center backs, Jerson Malagón, Kevin Mantilla and Alejandro Gutiérrez, and Dairon Mosquera on the left. Through the air, the walls cleared everything possible, and in the only one that failed, a penalty committed by Mantilla, Silva appeared to save.

Alejandro Gutierrez consolidated: Despite the bad encounters that Gutiérrez showed in the first games, in the two BetPlay Cup games against Deportivo Pasto he was fundamental in closing any risky action by Deportivo Pasto, putting his body at a strong shot from Gilberto García and also, it was reported with goal Little by little, that confidence of Martín Cardetti in the former Bogotá is bearing fruit.

Neyder Moreno protagonist: against Unión Magdalena in a BetPlay League match, Moreno’s entry was important, since the only goal came from the feet of the former Envigado and Nacional with a center that deviated in Stiwar Mena. Neyder opened the scoring and was vital to Santa Fe’s attacks, testing Diego Martínez’s reflexes at various times. 60 minutes of great performance from the winger.

Harold Rivera, fundamental piece in the attack: In these last games, Rivera has made it difficult for Matías Mier. He was participative in the 60 minutes that he played, asking for the ball and commanding the cardinal attacks. He was a bit hasty in decisions with long shots from above, but he showed a good performance to be an important card due to that alternation of Cardetti with Mier, who has recently been a substitute in the League.

He was on top during the 90′: Santa Fe dominated throughout the game despite the occasional volcanic skirmish. He roared with a lot of hunger for goals and incisors trying long distance. The associative game and the transitions were essential to open the scoring in an action that they started from their own field of play.

Cardetti’s effective changes: 60 minutes into the game, Martín Cardetti took Harold Rivera and Neyder Moreno off the field for Jhon Velásquez and Jersson González, respectively. With little time on the court, Velásquez commanded a transition, assisted González who hooked and put the second after a deflection by Cristian Tovar.

In the last minutes, Jhon Velásquez arrived in the area, finished off and Diego Martínez saved the corner. In that corner shot it paid off with Velásquez’s execution at the near post, and Alejandro Gutiérrez defined with the inside edge to put the final third.