The brands are already raffling off Pedri


Pedri follows in the footsteps of his idol, Andrés Iniesta, on and off the pitch. The brands raffle it. Up to 80 proposals have come to him in the first three months of 2022 and he has established himself as the image of FC Barcelona, leading, together with Gavi, the sale of t-shirts.

The companies look for him because he transmits “naturalness” and “sensitivity for the environment”, according to EFE from TQTK Studios, the company that manages the sponsorships for the canary.

A growth that is also demonstrated at the club level. Until now, Leo Messi monopolized the sale of FC Barcelona shirts -85%- until he left for Paris Saint-Germain last summer. Now it is Pedri, together with Gavi, the favorite of the Barça fans in a paradigm shift that, as EFE learned from club sources, they are grateful for.

Until now it was Leo Messi who monopolized the sale of FC Barcelona shirts

An importance of the canary for Barça that does not stop at being indisputable for Xavi. From the directive they ponder your lifestyle and image that you project as an asset of great value to relate to brands; something that is shown in that Pedri’s face is in most of the club’s advertising campaigns.


The supersonic evolution of Pedri since he arrived at Barça

His arrival and emergence at FC Barcelona have put him in another dimension. When he was introduced as a Blaugrana he had 25,000 followers on social media; now he has five and a half million people following in his footsteps through the digital world.

When he was presented as a Blaugrana he had 25,000 followers on social networks; now he has five and a half million

The national impact soon came to Pedri, and his great relationship with Leo Messi in their first and only year together at the Catalan club meant that, according to EFE sources from his environment, his image was enhanced in America. Of course, the canary continues to expand borders.


Pedri has become in a short time the new idol of the Camp Nou

Pere Puntí / Own


The careers of Andrés Iniesta and Pedro González ‘Pedri’ have been linked since the start of the latter’s. “He is my idol and he will continue to be until he dies. Hopefully I can do something of what he did, ”Pedri assured in a visit to EFE in February 2020, in his first interview as a professional soccer player. Something that you are already achieving.

At a professional career level, he already shows the potential he has to reach the milestones of the player who, with his goal, gave the first and only World Cup that Spain has to date. Pedri was eight years old that summer of 2010. And from November in Qatar he will have his first opportunity to make his own history in the World Cups.

Outside the lawn, the canary is already following in his footsteps. The Pedri brand receives great interest from the Asian market, especially from China and Japan. Some countries that David Silva and Andrés Iniesta have already ‘conquered’; It is no coincidence that Pedri does it too. Short and talented soccer players to whom Pedri adds his commitment to the environment, making him a beloved figure in the Japanese country.


Golden Boy Gala. Pedri with his trophy winks at his parents

Pep Morata / Own

Something that can be felt in the environment. The Tokyo Olympic Games were held without an audience -in the vast majority of cases-, but some brave people who came to some training sessions of the Spanish soccer team were clear about which player they wanted to see; they were only interested in Pedri.

And in one of them he follows in the footsteps of Iniesta. Pedri is the image of Springfield, a well-known clothing brand, in its ‘Icons’ campaign; as was Andrés, in a relationship that will last over time. “It is commitment, magic and simplicity,” they point out from the firm.


Together with Ferran Torres, Omar Mascarell and Ivana Andrés, he leads the organization ‘Kick Out Plastic’. This advocates using sport as a way to remember the importance of caring for the environmenttaking various actions. Above all, against single-use plastics that, in some cases, never break down, such as bottles, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

It was the latter that left a moment rarely seen at a gala like the Ballon d’Or. When he went up to collect his award for best young player last season, Drogba gave him a personalized aluminum bottle. He brought caring for the planet to the forefront of football.

And also to his boots. Pedri is one of Adidas’s worldwide bets and will be the image of the new ‘Run for Oceans’ campaign, which promotes the fight against plastic waste and undertakes to collect the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles for every kilometer. It will have five ambassadors from the world of sport and Pedri will be its only footballer.

A work tool such as his boots in which he shows that he has not forgotten his origins. In them he has drawn a banana from the Canary Islands, since before he established a sponsorship with the brand. A relationship that has risen to the level of the Spanish soccer team, he being the only player who has this duality.

“The Spanish Soccer Team and Pedri represent the values ​​of Plátano de Canarias: quality, passion for what we do and a deep commitment to our people and our origins. Pedri is and will be a benchmark for the youngest”, highlighted Sergio Cáceres, Marketing Director of Plátano de Canarias in the presentation of the agreement.


Pedri has become a fixture for Luis Enrique’s Red


His ‘idyll’ with the banana comes from his roots. In addition to croquettes, one of her mother’s favorite dishes is banana cake. Diet is a fundamental factor to withstand the load of matches; something that she, despite being far from home, is well assured of living with her brother, who is a cook.

Another key aspect in his performance within the field has to do with one of the firms that support him, Reboots Go Lite recovery boots. A compression massage that, as he shared on his social networks, he uses to “recharge batteries after games and training” and that reduces muscle pain and the risk of injury in a footballer who is indisputable both at FC Barcelona and in the national team Spanish.

“I am taking my recovery to the next level to not only maintain, but to improve my level of performance in the future”, says Pedri himself.

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Pedri has risen to the top in a few years.  From his start at UD Tegueste, his time through the ranks of Juventud Laguna, the jump to UD Las Palmas at the hands of Pepe Mel, he arrived at FC Barcelona in 2020, where he made his debut on September 12 and has already won the Golden Boy and the Kopa Trophy